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We have a delightful offering for you during the month of February!

Sweet Love Package

Love is in the air at Candlesmoke Chapel!
There are many myths, legends, and possible heroes associated with St. Valentine’s Day, some of which have to do with love and some that don’t. There are also beautiful tales of Valentine as a patron of spring and a harbinger of the courtships that Nature will soon display. The month of February has become associated with love and romance in the biblical sense, but also because the Earth itself is eager to burst forth from the shackles of Winter to reconnect, embrace, nuzzle, snuggle, and smooch once again. Our Sweet Love Oil and Sweet Love Sweetening Jar contain all natural essential oils and herbs that will reconnect you with the lifeforce of love that is building as Springtime nears.

We’ll include a suggested ritual for you to draw that special someone into your life and open their eyes to how awesome you are!

Other New Items & Services

Wisdom of Solomon Oil

A rich and enveloping oil that warmly wraps you up in its influence and stimulates clear, rational thought.
Use Wisdom of Solomon Oil whenever you need to make important decisions, for a potent boost of concentration, or to become receptive to obscure knowledge or seemingly hidden answers.

Candle Lighting Service

We practice the sacred art of candle-burning through a deep meditative and prayerful ritual of writing, carving, and dressing. Using a four inch offertory candle of the appropriate color, it will be hand-carved with your name and a couple of words that get to the essence of your condition or situation, and then dressed with the relevant oils and herbs. The petition you submit to us will be written out, dressed, and placed under the candle while it burns. Your candle will burn continuously on our altar until it goes out on its own. Afterwards, you will receive a brief summary with observations of the burn, as well as a photo.

Reading Packages

Get a single reading or a package of three readings:

Tarot reading from Joseph – Using the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck, Joseph will pull 3 cards on your situation and provide a detailed and insightful interpretation.

Pendulum Plus reading with Sara – Using a Jasper pendulum and the beautiful Wooden Tarot deck, Sara will dive a little deeper into the yes/no answer of the pendulum.

Animal Medicine Card reading with Sara – Using the Animal Medicine cards, Sara will discern 3 Animal Spirits that have messages for you right now and provide you with info on how to connect with them.

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Sara and Joseph Magnuson