Hello dear friends!

We hope the end of Winter is treating you well and that the anticipation of Spring is filling you with delight!

A short post with some updates and announcements:


Registration for the next session of Animalia is now open! This time we’re offering payment plans!
Discover what Animals have messages for you and how you can incorporate them into your spiritual path.
Limited to 5 students.
Registration ends March 31.
Session runs May 1 – July 2.

Candle Lighting Service

Burning a candle for your intentions, desires, and needs is a powerful tool for manifesting real change in your life. We do it for ourselves all the time. It can also be helpful to have a candle lit on your behalf. We practice the sacred art of candle-burning through a deep meditative and prayerful ritual of writing, carving, and dressing. Let us support you in manifesting your dreams and desires!

Wisdom of Solomon Oil

A rich and enveloping oil that warmly wraps you up in its influence and stimulates clear, rational thought.
Use Wisdom of Solomon Oil whenever you need to make important decisions, for a potent boost of concentration, or to become receptive to obscure knowledge or seemingly hidden answers.

Fiery Wall Oil

Our Fiery Wall Oil is to be used for your most intense protection work. Use this oil when you need to shield yourself from malicious activities or to remove negative people from situations. This is our most powerful oil for building a protective barrier around yourself or your home.
Speaking of barriers around your home, there is one bottle of Red Brick Dust left and it will be a while before we replenish!

With our never-ending appreciation for your support,
~ Sara and Joseph Magnuson

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