My name is Joseph, co-founder of Candlesmoke Chapel. My wife Sara and I have joined forces to offer the highest quality spiritual products and services to our community.
You will mainly find me hunched over my work table blending essential oils and taking notes. I have over 10 years of serious spiritual study as well as over 20 years of personal independent crafting. I’m a certified Rootwork Practitioner and a Member In Good Standing with the Church of Good Luck. I continue to guide many people in their spiritual development through interpretative readings and have provided direction and magical coaching through various community forums.
My personal practice is eclectic traditional, utilizing what I find actually works for me while retaining the reverence required to honor historical roots and traditions. The guidance I offer is always honest, real-world suggestions blended with traditional spiritual work and remedy.

Hi, I’m Sara, the co-founder of Candlesmoke Chapel. Along with my husband Joseph, I develop and craft our spiritual supplies and provide spiritual guidance through card readings and other forms of divination.
I also serve as the Candlesmoke web mistress and operations manager extraordinaire. I am a certified Rootwork Practitioner, a graduate of Briana Saussy’s Miracle Tree Sessions, and serve as a mentor to new Miracle Tree Sessions students. My traditional education was in Art History, Humanities, Botany, and Horticulture.
My personal practice is eclectic, animistic, and ancestral in nature. The guidance I provide is based in the messages of Nature and its role in how we move through the world.