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  • Fixed Candle Service

    Fixed Candle Service

    $12 - $47

    Let a candle light the way...

    Burning a candle for your intentions, desires, and needs is a powerful tool for manifesting real change in your life. We do it for ourselves all the time. It can also be helpful to have a candle lit on your behalf - maybe you can't light a candle for yourself because there's not a safe place to keep it burning or you don't want others to see your work; maybe you feel too close to the situation and need some objective support; maybe you want some assistance or back-up for work you're already doing.

    We practice the sacred art of candle-burning through a deep meditative and prayerful ritual of writing, carving, and dressing. Using a four inch offertory candle of the appropriate color, it will be hand-carved with your name and a couple of words that get to the essence of your condition or situation, and then dressed with the relevant oils and herbs. The petition you submit to us will be written out, dressed, and placed under the candle while it burns. Your candle will burn continuously on our altar until it goes out on its own. Afterwards, you will receive the type of summary you choose below, including photos.

    Our candle service is not like getting a card reading and is meant to support your specific intentions, desires, and needs. This service is intended for more distinct aspects of your life and not general questions. Typical areas to focus on are relationships of all types, careers, money, home life, working with your spiritual or mental acuity, etc. Your petition can be broad but should focus on a particular aspect of your life. It's best to approach this with the idea of petitioning for something you want, or don't want, as the case may be.

    We will begin to set your candle(s) within 5 business days of receiving your completed order. We will email your candle report within 2 business days of the finished burn.

    Purchase one candle to be set on your behalf or purchase a set of three, which can be set all at once or one per day over three consecutive days.
    Choose the "short description" option to receive a short synopsis (1-2 paragraphs) of your candle burn and 2-3 pictures.
    Choose the "detailed description" option to receive a longer interpretation of your candle burn and more than 3 pictures,

    Please write your petition, the purpose for which you would like your candle set, in the space provided. It can be descriptive or just a few key words.


    Fixed Candle Service

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