A Clear Mind Leads to Powerful Work

I knew today was going to be a good day! A day to get things done and get motivated. I woke up early and saw Sara, my wife, off to work. Then I preceded to go for a mind clearing walk…

I ended up walking all the way to Ocean Beach and took the long way back home. It is always a humbling and cleansing experience to walk to the very end of the land (the continent in this case) — as far as you can go before nothing! Well not exactly nothing, but the Pacific Ocean looked a bit too tumultuous and cold for a brisk morning swim.

I got to hang out with a bunch of crows and other assorted sea birds. The crows in San Francisco are some of the biggest I have ever seen and I adore just lurking near them while they talk and dance around each other. Morning crow magic!

After all the walking, stretching and breath work, and a total of nine miles later (!!!) I arrive back home crisp and clear. A quick shower later and I was immediately in front of my altar…fixing a candle for my personal honey jar and lighting my main altar candle. I was hit with the spirit and started a bit of Cast Off Evil work as well. Oils, three candles (one seven-day vigil and two white tapers), eucalyptus, blessing powder, Bible and petition were all used! It was a particularly striking ritual that is off to a beautiful start.

Now I’m going to start making more Mercury Dime protection amulets. Drilling, stringing, tying, etc. Then it’s finally time (after 6 months!) to smoosh and squeeze the new tinctures through cheese-cloth and check the results! I have to wait for Sara to get home first though, so we can share the straining and results! A good day indeed…

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