The First Card Pulled…

I feel the need to pull a card from my much beloved Rider-Waite-Smith deck to divine a beginning course of action for the blog. This will be the first of many tarot cards to be pulled on different days for different events and posts.

The first card pulled is:


While I was shuffling the deck, this card “jumped” out from the middle. Not missing an obvious sign I immediately put the deck aside and turned the card over.

The Seven of Pentacles is a card that does resonate with me—especially in view of the subject for which the card was pulled.  The card shows a farmer, leaning on his hoe, admiring his crops, his work done. The seven pentacles take the form of his fruits or vegetables growing larger each day. There is a pride in seeing his hard work yield such rewards, however there is a slight malaise due to the fact that any influence he may have had over the harvest, is now minimal  in the present time. He must be patient and wait for the growth now—letting the seeds he planted, the crops he tended to, grow on their own.

As a Taurus I relate to slow, steady growth as well as a earth-bound reward that comes with time. This blog has to be the ground in which I plant my seeds and patiently wait for the bountiful fruition of my actions to burst forth! I will not beat myself up about slow starts or quiet growth, but will persevere ever forward and watch as my past actions sprout leaves, buds, and fruit!

Seven is a lucky number for me and I view it as such in this reading. This is a number that has never had any unlucky or negative connotations connected to it in my life past.

The pentacles of this card represent earth, herbs and roots…and I will be sure to continue to work a root, or two, with some herbs for the purpose of success with the blog, while continually dedicating myself to sowing some seeds…with oft made posts!

Good Luck and God Bless,

Joseph Magnuson

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