The Swedish Root Doctor

Dr. Johannes is a wonderful Swedish Root Doctor who lives in Sweden. He combines traditional Southern United States Hoodoo work with his native Scandinavian folk magic of Trolldom. Being of pretty heavy Swedish descent myself, I had a natural draw towards Dr. Johannes, as well as his wife Miss Benedikte, after hearing about their backgrounds and areas of expertise! They are both members of the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers know as AIRR.

Check out this video of Johannes doing some Traditional Norse Folk Magic with a Trolls Eye, well water, and tin!

I got in touch with Dr. Johannes and asked him a little more about the Trolls Eye he uses. This was his response:

A Trolls Eye is a branch that grew into a ring naturally. There are many uses for this. The most common ones being to “boost clairvoyance”, stop bowel movements or enhance it, bring spiritual power into something or out of something and so on. What I show in the video is a slightly uncommon way of using it.
If the person is present a trolls eye is not used in this way, but may be used in other ways as mentioned above.

I urge everyone to learn more about Dr. Johannes and Miss Benedikte at the following places/links:

Let me know what you think…and make sure to drop them a comment if you can!

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