11/11/11 & Brief Mission Statement

Hello Candle Lighters!

It is a rainy and quite spooky morning here in grey San Francisco. I have promised myself that I must write more on the blog and not hold it up on a pedestal to the point of thinking myself out of posting. I appreciate all the good tidings and well wishes from various readers. It really has been wonderful to read all the positive words.

Today is 11/11/11. Since I was young I was taught/shown how to make a wish when the clock hit 11:11. Of course this is a recent development in our history due to the fact that digital clocks and watches are newer technology. However, it is interesting to note how many people seem to always be noticing the synchronicity of it being 11:11. With any idea that gains momentum seemingly out of no where, there have been recent detractors of the 11:11 fun-times to be had. That said, I for one will not be squandering any possibility of the favorable outcomes from making a wish today. Once at 11:11:11 AM on 11/11/11 and then again at 11:11:11 PM on 11/11/11.  I’m gonna put a lot of effort into them , too!

Since today is a great and fun numerology day, I have decided to finally start up the Candlesmoke Chapel shop. My wife and I have been makers-of-things for a long time now, from bread and bagels to incense and oils, and thought that we should start to show our wares and see what comes. (Note: Sara has been ready for a while…I have been dragging my feet in typical “everything has to be perfect” Taurus-style!)

I would like to take a brief few minutes of your time, current and future readers and seekers, to give a more in-depth explanation of where we’re coming from. Sara and I are both working very hard to procure land and a home. We don’t need anything above our means or unmanageable, however we would like the acreage to have a good-sized house, herb & food garden, small green-house, and space to build a small structure to be used as the physical Candlesmoke Chapel. Chicken coop as well…area permitting!

We would also like to start a small spiritual/occult/pagan/candle shop — either in a free-standing brick and mortar structure or from a front room in our future home. The Occult shops of my childhood have always had a lasting and profound effect on me. Seeing the demise of various shops from tiny-but-beautiful Tarr & Feathers in Greenfield, Massachusetts to huge Psychic Eye in San Francisco, has caused me to shake my head at the closing of these helpful places of procurement. Buying on-line is great, but in person and face-to-face sales where the possibility to meet new people and exchange ideas is where my heart lies.

To scurry further down this path we have been taking stock in what really matters to us. What we can do to make our dream into a reality. I have sold off my entire record collection, record player, comic books, “overstock” fiction books, video games and DVD’s as well as CD’s and any other thing that, honestly, was just taking up space in our home and in our lives. We cancelled our cable service, except for Internet access, and it has been such a relief both in terms of money on hand and piece of mind. We cut our bills down, paid off all loans, student and otherwise, and have been stashing, sometimes, pennies at a time into our savings account. Sacrifices? Maybe, but not if we can achieve our goal.

Every penny of anything sold will go towards this goal. If I want a delicious Vanilla It’s-It I simply tell myself, “Self, wouldn’t you much rather be in the position of offering coffee to the customer who is weighing out Frankincense tears?” The answer is always Yes, Yes I would!

Within the next year we will be actively looking to make this dream a reality (some of the best kind of magic) and will start looking at locations where this can become possible. Re-location, general craziness, transporting two cats…it will be all worth it to feel happy and secure in knowing that we are trying our hardest to make what we wish into our reality…

11/11/11…Make a wish!

-Joseph Magnuson

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