Saint Chamomile and My Promise

Though I usually love to cook, I find that once in a while I get the hankering for take out food. The problem with this is that I am extremely sensitive to poorly made food and live in a neighborhood that has many unscrupulous Chinese and Thai restaurants.  Unfortunately I also crave take-out food on Event nights; nights when there are Other Things To Do and I want to get the eatin’ part over and done with.  Those of you astute readers can see where this snow-plow is headed…

Halloween Night I decided to break my take-out food strike and get a Vegetarian Pad Thai… Innocent, no? Made sure to get it from the place I have had it from in the past…one of the last places I still trust for 10 blocks in any direction. Of course 15 minutes after eating the meal (and starting to get ready for Halloween Night Goodness) I feel the too familiar feeling of food poisoning kicking in.

This has happened before…many times before actually, as I am a stubborn person who used to think that the chances were too small of multiple food poisonings within the same year, within the same neighborhood…right?! Nope, wrong-o, my friends…

Thankfully, I am so used to the sweaty, light-headed, dizzy, adrenaline filled heart-pumping panic and stomach cramps that I knew what to do. I immediately whipped into action and grabbed my trusty tea-pot. It’s small but gets the job done. I packed the miraculous herb Chamomile into the metal basket as tightly as I could and poured boiling water over it. I did that once again with that batch, then changed the Chamomile and again filled it twice over with water. In total; four small pots of extremely strong and concentrated Chamomile Tea. *Drink!*

I managed to avert the worse of the symptoms that I have experienced before. I actually had a halfway decent night and managed to not let the Thai Food of Doom ruin everything. It has been 10 days now and I am almost 100%. Pedialyte helped replace the electrolytes I had flushed out of me and sleep has helped. I am still foggy-headed, almost tunnel visioned, but this has cleared up in the past between days 10 and 15. Yep, it stays with me for that long…

The reason for this post is this: In a poisoned haze I swore (nay, promised!) that I would write a glowing testimonial to my Guardian Angel Saint Chamomile if I got through the night…and I did. So here we are.

Thank you so much Saint Chamomile, my savior. You delivered me from a much harsher night of promised agony. I hold your healing power in the highest regard and sincerely thank you, publicly, for all the stomach repair you have done for me in the past. You are an antispasmodic, a nervine, a tonic, and a diaphoretic  herb of the highest caliber. I promise to continue to stock you in my home, and drink you, for as long as I may live. Amen.

Now, as you see, I have fulfilled my promise to its Majesty the blessed Chamomile…let’s just hope my head clears soon!

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