RANT: Special Deal Just For You – Reel Pychic Reedar

Does this bug anyone or is it just me? I take this stuff seriously, because, c’mon, there are so many bullshit people looking to make a buck off the unsuspecting and trusting. It makes all legitimate people look bad…it muddies the already murky water in the eyes of the general public.

Some background: this ad has been running for a few weeks/couple months in the local free weeklies here in SF, namely the SF Weekly and the Bay Guardian. It is a huge ad, at least a third, if not a half, of a page…I know first-hand that this does not come cheap! I have watched the evolution of the ad with glee/face-palmed horror. The first time it was printed it was FULL of errors…I mean, wow, so many misspellings it made co-workers laugh out loud when they were asked to try to read it through with a straight face. Each time a new weeks edition would come out I’d notice some changes. So someone KNOWS that they have misspelled words and terms, but will not ask the paper to help them with the spelling…or a friend…or anyone to proof read this thing.

Now after almost 8 weeks of corrections I give you the new and improved version they have submitted! Keep in mind this is after MANY corrections. I don’t know about you, fair reader, but HUGE RED FLAGS go up as soon as I read that:

  • This reader has the “..best options availabe…”
  • This reader is familiar with and offers “…clairvoynt readings…”
  • The reader is gifted with “…charka balancing…” and lists this twice. (*sigh*)
  • She is, I’m sure, very gifted at “…riki healing…” and I do love some riki healing.

The services she lists are more than impressive. I wish I was as accomplished as this woman claims to be. I’m glad she promises that her readings are “…99% accurate…” because truly, I was thinking about going to a more reputable person, but hey…never mind. She is 99% accurate with her readings, but apparently not so much with her “spellings” it would seem.

I have heard too many stories of scammed clients and bank account draining schemes that ads like this make me cringe…and they are starting to really pop up more and more in the city these days.  Come on people, protect yourselves…it can get real frosty out there.

cat yronwode has an amazing page written up on so-called Black Gypsies & Psychic Frauds. Anyone interested in getting a quick crash-course in spotting some warning signs should have a read of it. For the rest of us, I thought this post would provide a chuckle.

4 thoughts on “RANT: Special Deal Just For You – Reel Pychic Reedar

  1. The Swamp Witch says:

    Riki healing is awesome! In fact, it was one of the first things I noticed that they offered- honest to goodness bad grammar. WOW, what a deal!

    Unfortunately the types of people who go for these things aren’t enlightened, usually they’re desperate for whatever it is they’re after, and they wind up shelling out tons of money to no avail. It’s one of the reasons I try to stay affordable without compromising myself, kinda a way to balance out all the “riki” healers out there. XD

    • Joseph Magnuson says:

      Thanks for the comments. I fully agree with what you said. It makes it even more sad that the people responding to these ads and flyers, and throwing cash at these “psychics,” are in a desperate frame of mind. It makes me so upset to see anyone being taken advantage of. It’s comforting to know that there are so many great and helpful readers and workers out there…

      • The Swamp Witch says:

        One of the saddest things about Jackson Square is that 90% of the ‘psychics’ out there are drug addicts with a deck of cards. Harsh, but true. It makes it hard to be taken seriously at all here in NOLA, and is one of the reasons I don’t read here as a general rule, only when the person is really lost or in need.

        Mostly I dress candles as a service, with pure oils and herbs and gemstones, and my candles run about 30 (and cost about 20 to make!) so I don’t haul in a huge profit, but I originally started dressing candles in response to what one of my clients told me. Some woman was charging TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS per candle, and insisting that 3-5 were needed. It made me sick, so much so that I learned to do it! That was 8 years or so ago now, and I don’t miss a beat when someone needs a candle dressed. Sometimes I’ll take payments in other things, like cookies! You do the work because you’re called to it, not because you want to make money.

      • Joseph Magnuson says:

        I agree once again. It is nice to see the tides changing with more and more people stepping up to do the work for multiple people and for different prices. On one hand the internet has made it a breeze for unscrupulous people to pose as mages and wizards that will do spellwork to help you grow 6 inches…and thankfully they are on eBay! LOL On the other, amazing, hand the internet has brought people together who are really following their heart and pouring it out into their everyday lives. Hopefully, in the future, people will get a more sharpened bullshit detector — especially as the good workers are sought and found!

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