Winter Preparations

Now that the time of harvest is over, it’s time to prepare for winter.  Preparing for the coming months is a little different here in northern California…the leaves barely change color, it doesn’t snow and the ground never freezes.  So what is there to prepare for?

Rain.  And lots of it, hopefully.

The rain can stay for days and days throughout the winter.  There are days when the light doesn’t change at all – it looks the same at 7am as it does at noon and you can never tell what time it is just by looking outside.   The sky is white instead of blue as far as you can see.  My animal friends are settling in, my plant friends are slowing down and the constant grey, mist and fog keeps me indoors.  All the wood in our old house begins to expand, making the house feel more alive like it wants to keep me safe and snug inside.

At this time of year our garden is usually left alone to do as it will.  The plants don’t like to be pruned when they’re wet, nor does the ground enjoy being dug up when it’s muddy.  Work in the garden is at a minimum, however work in the house is picking up speed.  We’re both getting to all of those tasks we’ve been meaning to start now that the rainy winter is approaching.  This is also the time when I seem to get more ideas.  Ideas for all kinds of things…new incense recipes, variations on cooking recipes, a better way to arrange my altar, a book I should read, a new way to work something I’ve tried before.  The cleansing rain during the darkest season keeps the cobwebs from accumulating in my mind and spirit.

So rainy winter, as the hours of blue sky become fewer and far between, we welcome you.  All the activity of the year has been good, but has made some clutter and it’s time to shift our focus and prepare to be open to what is exposed after the rain washes it away.

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