It’s A SIGN! (it’s not a sign.)

This morning brought a topic to the forefront of my early morning conversation with Sara; signs. Specifically the ideas that people have about “signs” in their spell work and general witchery…in this case pertaining to candles.

Now I am what I consider a “baby-worker” of the mighty candle-flame. I have a couple years of experience and have burned about 100 long burners, but am still no where near expert at this. Can anyone divine and work using candles? I think yes…but will everyone become an expert/master at it? No. It takes time and effort. A lot of it.

One must be very smart and careful about first getting to know the work generalities before one can start to determine if something in their work is a Sign…or just a sign of the environment they are doing the work in. I am not saying that I disagree with the notion that most everything involved in the work can be interpreted as a sign of some kind, however I must argue that there are some conditions that will create a discernible and constant reaction.

For instance we suffer (ha!) and work in a “cold” room due to the draft caused by the floor heating duct. This can, and was, affecting our candle burns long after they were snugly burned down inside the glass encasement. So now we close the duct before and during candle work. For as long as it takes. We make sure all windows in the room are closed, unless we specifically need them open. We make sure that we have used as close to the same exact candles that we always do. Some candles smoke way more than others and always do this; we make sure to take note. Sometimes, in a pinch, we will purchase quickie candles from a few little shops, but usually we use the same kind. This has helped immensely in understanding the actual, physical aspects of the candle burning in reference to time, residue, popping, etc that is a starting-point constant.

Lately, we have noticed that a certain type of candle will usually burn very poorly…and now, after multiple colors, times burnt, and conditions burned for, we realize that it’s not us it’s them…the particular candles in question, that is! A person of lesser experience (anyone burning their first or second candle, say) may not have such a reference point and make a very big deal about the outcome of their burn. Is it a sign? Possibly…but it may be a tangible default of the candles. Knowing the difference can change how the candle work is read in regards to the outcome.

It feels wonderful (for the both of us) to be able to see how far we have come in the last few years and to be able to trust our instincts just as much as we trust our intellect. Using the both together results in amazing outcomes.

-Joseph Magnuson

4 thoughts on “It’s A SIGN! (it’s not a sign.)

  1. newworldwitchery says:

    This is such a great post, Joseph! I tend to fall into the trap of over-interpretation frequently, looking for signs when they may just not be there. I really like your point about extended observation of the candles leading you to understand something about them that you can then rule out of your search for signs, which makes the signs that much more meaningful. Really good job!

    • Joseph Magnuson says:

      Thank you so much Cory! That is exactly what I was trying to convey with the post. It has been the constant and vigilant study of the candles that has helped me separate the actual usable signs from the non-magical side effects of their surroundings. Thank you for the comment!

    • Joseph Magnuson says:

      I agree Mary Bee, as long as we don’t start blanket ignoring signs, but instead take an intelligently informed look at conjuration and spell work as it exists in the tangible world as well as the metaphysical world! Thank you for your comment…it’s nice to see you here!

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