The Art of Taking Your Time/Psychic Booster Work

Wait, it’s December already!? How’d that happen? Past due for a post;

Now, I don’t want anyone to think of me as a slouch, but sometimes I feel like I give my work less than 100% of myself. That’s something I have been working on changing for the New Year. I’ve never half-assed anything I’ve done, yet still felt, from time to time, the nagging in my mind that I could have spend a bit more time preparing, or tending, my work. I find that the more energy I put into something before, during, and after, the better the results are…both in my mind (satisfaction of work done to completion in a thorough way) as well as in regards to actual results.

  It’s time I share some work I did at the end of October into November. I had wanted to do something Big and Important for the Halloween/Samhain/All Saints season. I decided on a large project dealing with increasing and mastering my psychic abilities as well as giving thanks for previous divination success. I wanted to make this as special as I could and really take my time with it. Over the course of three days I gathered the herbs and made or got ready the oils I had decided to use. I went over placement of things multiple times. I spent more time than usual in meditation focusing on the work at hand.

Here is a partial sample of just the physical items used for this week long candle spell:

  • purple and blue candles, dressed, blessed, carved, & loaded
  • Master, John the Conqueror, Psychic Vision, & Crown of Success Oils
  • Master Root, John the Conqueror Root, & Lightening Struck Wood
  • Wormwood grown in our backyard, Mugwort, Star Anise
  • Lucky Mojo 9 Herb Mixture
  • Bed of Wormwood, topped with Psychic Vision Incense, crowned with homemade Attract Success Incense, & circled with Dragon’s Blood Resin
  • Petition Pictures, fully worked, for each candle
  • Sacred Frankincense Salt

I added all this, in it’s proper place, and surrounded the altar with my divination tools; pendulum, tarot cards, crystal ball, scrying stone, runes, bible, and Zener cards. I took a long time making sure everything felt right to me. Not obsessive or overly excessive, but in a way that said to me, “We are ready to begin.” This was started on the New Moon, as both hands were going upwards on the clock (6:30 to 7:00), which just so happened to fall on a Wednesday, October 26th. I am not a strict adherent to working as thorough as this, but when it lines up…IT LINES UP! This allowed me to keep the work going from the 26th of October through November 2nd, which was just perfect for this particular work.

  It went well. Very well, in fact! I spent time each day going to the altar, checking everything, quietly meditating, and adding purpose to the work. I did this three or four times each day. The candles burned down extremely clean and left a few stars and herb remnants for me to divine. Every other day I pulled a card from the tarot deck and recorded each of them in my journal. With each new card turned I got a smile on my face and made sure to utilize the symbology of the cards to attune to that day/those days. That went very well for me. I made sure to take note of anything that happened during those 7 days, either on the altar or off.

At the candle flames were just about to extinguish themselves, I made sure I was there; quietly meditating, quietly praying, and not-so-quietly singing to the spirits. It was a fantastic time of the year to feel the energy all around you, especially with psychic links, spirit communication and the like. After the flames went out I felt it. Big time. It felt completed…an ongoing work in general, but completed spell work.

During this time I got more acquainted with my old friends Mugwort and Wormwood. They like to work together. They are each individually strong, but more than willing to become stronger with partner herbs. It was during this time of correspondence that I formulated an oil I have been thinking about for a couple of months: The Psychic Booster Oil. Though not yet perfected, I attribute some of the missing pieces, now found, to the deep connective work I did with pungent Mugwort and silver Wormwood. They filled in the blanks for me!

  It may have taken much longer than usual to prepare for…it may have needed hours to tend while it was going…and it definitely required full hours after it was done to effectively utilize and grasp the work I had completed…but it was SO worth it. Like any garden I have worked in, you truly reap what you sow. I ask that we all remember that for the coming year.

Blessing my friends, all of you, and I hope your Yule, Hanukkah, Christmas, Krampus-time, Diwali, Kwanzaa, and Dark Nights of the Wild Hunt are as magical as you can made them!

-Joseph Magnuson

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