An Owl Dreams of Me Last Night

Last night I had a deep slumber. I had slowly fallen into a comfortable sleep and immediately began dreaming.

I was in a comfortable cabin room. The scent of pine entered the room with a short breeze. I was sitting comfortably on a small couch. My cat Seymour was asleep on the back of this couch, as is his way. On my shoulder was perched a large black Owl.

The Owl was comfortable with me. He gaze divided between myself and Seymour. He lazily began to clean himself off using his beak and small tongue. I was awed at this majestic creature so close to me, but took it in a natural stride.

I understood that I was to help the Owl clean himself and began to gently remove loose feathers with short, soft strokes of my palm. Some feathers came loose immediately, while others needed the slightest of tugs. I got playful *snaps* of Owl beak if it was decided that I was applying too much pressure.

I had a good collection of Owl feathers at my side. The Owl turned to Seymour and opened his beak, but instead of nipping him, he bent over and gave him a quick lick!

The Owl then transferred himself to my hand and let me admire him for a short time, before flying off and out of the window…back into the forest. I took to the task of collecting up the feathers that had gathered.

It’s true that all yesterday I was using Pine very heavily. I adore cabins and forests as well…but my mysterious Owl; where did he come from? So tangible and true, each tiny bit of pressure applied to his body in the dream felt so real. His claws firmly gripped on my hand to steady himself. His eyes stared at me, so alive, and the dream seemed to linger on us for quite sometime. This Owl and myself; he giving feather payment in return for a thoughtful, reverent cleaning.

Owls have been associated with astral projection, divination and magic in many cultures. Owls have the gift of “sight” and can seemingly see what is not there. Owls have always been associated with wisdom as well, sometimes portrayed as the “Wise Old Owl.” Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom held an owl (sometimes perched on top of her head) and it is said that Merlin possessed an owl. In Russia, hunters of old would carry owl claws on themselves, so when they died their souls could use them to climb to heaven. Some cultures see the owl as a bad luck omen and others will use the owl to dispel bad luck.

My time spend with the Owl last night was beautiful and so vivid that it is still hard to shake…even hours after waking. I will keep my eyes open for the return of my friend.

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