Recent Face Perceptions (Pareidolia y’all)

Yes, yes…I know; we all see faces and objects in everything. It’s what we do, us humans. Still, I had to share some of my most recent faces for all to see!

First, here is my “Bird Skull” John the Conqueror Root. A medium sized root that I love…and see a bird skull in!

Also, I love this big guy. He is a palm sized John The Conqueror Root. He smiles much more in these pictures than in actual life. Normally it looks like he has a simple wry smile, but in looking at these pictures it seems he has a big grin across his mug!

Lastly, I had to share this single leaf that fluttered to me on one of my more recent meditative walks. I laughed out loud and walked away…then ran back to snap a few pictures. I couldn’t help the joy I felt seeing this little forest witch with her broom! It made my day…

3 thoughts on “Recent Face Perceptions (Pareidolia y’all)

    • Joseph Magnuson says:

      I wish I could get the blog to look exactly as I want it to…or as it looks in Preview, but oh well…it still works! LOL
      I was just going to walk away from the leaf, but I had to walk back and get some pictures. it was too burned into my brain! Perfect! Frog stone sounds very cool looking…as well as a little Witches Frog on your path, that’s sweet!

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