Joseph & Queen Elizabeth Root

News & Updates: 2012 Starts Now

Joseph & Queen Elizabeth Root

Joseph & The Queen

Hello all my friends!

Though it has been a while, be assured that I have not faded away. I’m here! I’ve actually had Candlesmoke on my mind quite a bit lately, but from December 15th until January 15th I’m usually taking some time off of everything to focus on my home life and to relax during the wonderful holidays.

We had a great Yule/Christmas-time with wonderful bone, skull, incense, drink and religious relics exchanged! Our usual New Year’s Eve celebration was had, but this year it included a NYE Altar with candles for friends and family, as well as herbs and homemade incense as offerings. It was a great addition to our observance of the Old Year/New Year change.

I’m proud to announce that Candlesmoke has also invested in a new digital camera as well. I have been frustrated with how the photos from our old camera (and, BOY, do I mean old!) looked on the blog in the past. Now we can take crisp photos of ourselves doing goofy things! Also the forest, candles, products…the works! Very exciting stuff.

Along those lines, I am going to re-do the blog a bit. It needs a tune-up now that we have a good amount of responses, as well as a few posts under our belt. A quick tweak of the layout/look of the blog, as well as new header and artwork!

Speaking of artwork; just this week I was the proud recipient of original artwork for Candlesmoke products and logo. What do I have to do when I have the need for amazing artwork? Throw a stone, apparently, as many of my greatest friends and acquaintance are artists. We will be unveiling the labels soon, and some of the artwork will be used on here, but that will be a near-future occurrence…still some scan/placement work to do. I am extremely satisfied with the artwork and feels it captures Sara’s, and my, aesthetic perfectly. I’m excited to get these finalized!

Rest assured there will be More Blog Posts in 2012. I look forward to getting more content on here and vow to get into a rhythm of posting…or else! There is a lot to share and I always have lots to talk about.  Time to start getting it out there, eh?

We finished our huge bushel of Queen Elizabeth/Orris Roots…finally! It took a long time from start to finish but left me with a huge knowledge of this beautiful root and her powers. Expect a big post on this with many pictures included. It was a great project to see finished.

I also have been reading a bunch of new books and can’t wait to share them here. I read a large array of books on multiple topics and feel the pull to throw up some reviews and thoughts…I know many of you share my love for the “book piles of doom” aka end table jumbo-stacks!

I also have some surprising news to share. It is really huge for us in our world, and will be a game changer in our lives. It will be interesting to share this news and see the response we get. Let’s just hint that it involves moving our human bodies, our two beloved cats, and everything we own (*cringe*) to “another place” over there… Stay tuned for more information and ramblings on this… Expect excitement, stress, nervousness, and elation!

That’s it for this quick post. I just wanted to update everyone and let them know; I’m here, I’m doing great, and I’m ready to get my hands dirty with 2012. Hey, if I can finish this new incense blend I’m working on then anything is possible! Onward!


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