Versatile Blogger Award Pour Moi?

The Versatile Blogger Award

Well, this is interesting… I brewed up a cup of tea and booted up the laptop the other day, only to be greeted with this chain-letter-y award of awesomeness. None other than the great Iolair of the blog By Stag and Eagle had bestowed this upon myself and the Candlesmoke Chapel. Though I had no previous knowledge of it’s existance, I think it is a pretty fun resource to connect some cool bloggers and generally neat people together.Little things like this can only help pull us together and start to share ideas and create tighter knit communities.

Here are the rules of the award:

  • Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading
  • Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award

So without further ado…I accept your challenge and will write thusly:

1.)   I have always been a greeno (as opposed to pinko) and it has been important to me to live my life as softly as possible. I sometimes fantasize about the end of the movie (not the book, the movie version) Fight Club as reality. A general wiping out of debt for everyone. I would happily live in a world of no electricity. Anyone have a secluded cabin in the woods for sale? I’d be fine. I recycle everything I can. I turn out lights incessantly. Only a year ago I looked at my life from this perspective and was aghast. I had been buried (read; hiding) in collecting the things I “loved.” I had a room of vinyl records. I had many thousand CD’s, DVD’s, video games and records. Hundreds of cassettes. Many vinyl toys. A hundred tour shirts from various bands. A collection of spacious ugliness. Need I go on? It suddenly made me feel terrible, not the comforting feeling I usually experienced. I felt trapped by things. I felt like I was wasting the majority of my time tracking down “things” so that I could then own those “things.” In the last 12 months I preceded to sell every single last CD, record, cassette, DVD, video game, and toy. I sold every single shirt I could bear to part with. I feel amazing having done so. It was hard, but I personally decided to grow out of my obsession with “small ownership.” I can now work on myself and my interests instead of working on my collections. All of the money made went into the bank and will be used as a nest egg to buy a piece of land for small farming, green house, occult store, coffee hang-out and community pagan space for meetings and general fun times.(***Full disclosure, I do still own a Nintendo DS with the KORG-DS10 emulator…must make weird music once and a while***)

2.)  I love music. Really love it. Yes, I would marry it, actually, thank you for asking. Music has always been my family. Music raised me. I would go to the record store at least 3 times a week, sometimes more, and hang out with the staff and shoot the shit. This started when I was 15 years old. I hate when someone asks me what my “favorite band is…” That’s like asking, “which breath of air was your favorite today…but take your time!” I have recently come to adore pre-war Blues and hard-bop Jazz. In my history I have been a die-hard punk kid, a straight-edge, hardcore skateboarder, a stoner-rock rebel, kvlt black-metal warrior, and a hip-hop DJ for many years. Not once have I abandoned the musical genres I love, which gets me odd looks when Binary Star plays after Ithdabquth Qliphoth. I have taste though, and dislike as many bands as I do end up liking. I have an insatiable thirst for creative weirdos who make art, so my musical loves run in many different directions. Anyone who gives me a heads-up on good music or art that I end up loving gets major props in my world. I love sub-sub-sub-genre music. Yep, I’m that asshole! (***Full disclosure; I’m not really that much of an asshole, however keep reading***) (Also, for the curious few among you; this post is being written to the sounds of Art Blakey, Kid 606, and the Ponys. In that order.

3.)  I am an asshole. No, not really… Ha! I am, however, a curmudgeon, a natural hermit, and a generally misanthropic person. I find myself always going in a cycle of “I love everyone in the world. Peace and joy permeates all” to “I hate everyone in the world. Peace and joy should be abundant in this world!” I am of a good-nature…until I have to enter the world, or interact with impossible people. I hold everyone up to the standards I hold myself too…and that is extremely harsh. I love smart people who can actually use their brain in a conscious way, but find that I tend to interact with the Living Dead most of the time. I value anyone who reads, has a talent, or a passion for some craft. I can be judgmental (read: I am judgmental) but recognize that in myself and can shove it aside. Going through High School as a freak of nature who always was judged has seemingly plugged in some kind of “King on a Throne” program that started running shortly after leaving High School. “I’ll show them…I’ll judge everyone now!” That kind of thing. I can keep it in check, but I can be very observationally mean. My friends are my family though. Definitely and always.

4.)  I am a balls-crazy pinball fan. Anything, everything, all machines. Bring it! The first thing I would buy if I won the lottery, after a house and a bottle of very expensive bourbon, would be a pinball machine. I could play pinball for hours…and I have. I have the fondest memories of playing Shaq (a great table with a horrible theme) in Burlington, Vermont for hours during free pizza nights. I’m a good player, so free games came easy to me and allowed me to stay in the bar for hours, eating free food, on only about 6 dollars worth of beer and 4 dollars worth of quarters. I used to walk an extra mile to the “good” laundromat that had the Twilight Zone machine. I can instantly tell how well the Theatre of Magic magnet works by the wear on the crate. One of my top 5 favorite sound son this planet Earth is that of the *THONKKING* noise of a Free Game. I learned how to play pinball the same way Daniel LaRusso learned Karate; through a great teacher. I gave him cash for fancy beers (I was 16, he was 23) and ended up learning absolutely everything about how to play the game…and everything about fancy beers. Now I am a beer snob as well as a pinball snob. Sweet! I fondly remembering driving for an hour or so for the sole reason of playing Safe Cracker in a dead mall’s movie theatre lobby. I still have those Safe Cracker Magic Tokens. My favorite machines are the strikingly beautiful Addams Family, Elvira Scared Stiff, Twilight Zone, Theatre of Magic, Shaq, Star Trek:TNG, Safe Cracker, Funhouse, Attack From Mars, and Black Knight 2000. I’m a Bally and Williams guy, don;t mind Stern, and kinda hate Data East. (***He says with his arthritic and carpal tunneled pinky in the air***)

5.)  I have always loved magic and the occult. I have my ultra-dog-eared Cunningham books from High School. I have an insane love of occult supply stores. I feel at home in used bookstores, occult supply shops, and junk/antique shops. I sought out candles, incense, herbs, and oils before I even knew what I was doing with them. I enjoy the act of helping others through furthering my own interests…could anything be better? Although I have neglected the interest from time to time, it has always been there lurking, waiting to jump back into my life. I have always felt it’s pull and have always been comforted by others who felt the same. To run an honest and intelligent occult/witch supply shop would make me a very happy man.

6.)  I had worked retail for 18 years until this year. I have worked at a liquor store (where I learned everything there is to know about beer, wine, & spirits), a cigarette/cigar shop (where I got to sample and learn about tobaccos, cigarettes, and cigars from all over the world), an “adult super store” (where….*ahem* you know the drill by now), and the oldest head/smoke shop for recreational smoking located on Haight street. Use your imagination. I figure I have all the vices covered as far as selling them, using them, and learning about them. That said I am now currently a moderate vices person. My lungs won’t let me smoke cigarettes, I love the twice a week micro-brewed beer, local mead, or whiskey, have a healthy view of human sexuality, and think plants should be legal. ‘Cause they’re from God, right? I now work in a tattoo parlour.

7.)  I don’t enjoy pagans/witches/occulties that constantly think they are being persecuted. There is no situation where a stranger saying “bless you” when they hear a sneeze should be yelled at and berated, because you “don’t prescribe to their religious intolerance!” You are a self described witch, for gods (little “g” and always add the “s”) or goddess sake, act like one. If something as trivial as these minor interactions (or feeling forced to “take back” the word Warlock) gets you riled, then what kind of witch are you!? Have some composure. Saying thank you to something as frivolous as an old lady saying “God bless you” will not set you aflame. I promise. We’re all here on this rock together, trying to get through. Let’s all chill out a bit and feel the vibes. The vibes are groovy, right? That’s what I thought. I guess what I’m saying is that #7 is actually me telling you I am a hippie and love the Grateful Dead. Which I am and I do. However I love Xasthur and Wolves In The Throne Room with an equal passion and have tour shirts for all three bands. So there.

(***Bonus Things***)  I am Swedish and have a ridiculous love for all things Swedish. My favorite movies are Sunshine, Fight Club, V for Vendetta, the Matrix, Ghost World, and the Fountain. I collected comic books through my teens and love them dearly. I used to own more than 250 punk zines. I still have the original drawing that Jill Thompson sent to be in reply to my fan letter. It was of Delirium. I met J. O’Barr in Northampton, Massachusetts for a signing and felt an immense sadness coming from him. I admire real weirdos and nerds, not fake, manufactured people. I have one cat named Seymour for Steve Buscemi’s character in Ghost World (GN is good, movie is great) and one cat named Endora after Elizabeth Montgomery’s mother on Bewitched. My wife’s name is Sara. Her father is Santa Garcia. If I had chickens I would name them: Piewakkit, Mrs. Peabody, Cluckers, Durka, Henrietta, Banjo, Widdershins, and Clutterbuck. I love comedians. I once sold a winning lottery ticket worth 3 million dollars…I did not receive a tip. It was to a fellow resident of our town of 1,900 people.

Look Ma, I’m a Versatile Blogger

My nom, nom, nom-inations for most edible…wait, sorry! I’m getting hungry after all that blab-adge. My 15 (in no particular order at all) nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award/Chain Letter Extrodinairre go to:

  1. The Witch of Forest Grove
  2. In the Chimehours
  3. New World Witchery
  4. Adventures in Witchery
  5. Confessions of a Hedge Witch
  6. College Witchery
  7. The Hermitage
  8. Seashells and Shamrocks
  9. Walking the Hedge
  10. Inciting a Riot
  11. Wandering Arrow
  12. Feral Druidry
  13. Dispersion Array
  14. Wicked Witch
  15. Heavens Within Earth

Hooray all you wonderful blog writers, witches, worlocks, weirdos, and various, assorted, random balls of wonderful-ness. Keep writing and I will keep reading!

-Joseph Magnuson

5 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award Pour Moi?

    • Joseph Magnuson says:

      Agreed x 1,000! Dan Clowes is an amazing artist and writer. Having met him briefly a couple of times I can say he has always been a top notch human to me. I have an autographed Eighball, an autographed Dan Clowes trading card from his Booksmith on Haight Street appearance, and a autographed with drawn picture of Enid copy of the Ghost World GN. I loves me some Clowes, like I loves me some blues. Thank you for the comment!

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