Altar Pictures

Hey there, friends!

I had to break the drought and post something. I have three big ones as follow-ups, so be on the look for those this weekend. For now I submit for your viewing pleasure, a few pictures of past altars. Included in this post are shots from the Spirit of Vision work I did a while back, a specific Crystal Silence League/Saints altar for a few clients/petitioners, and some snaps of one of our many New Year’s Eve Prosperity, Luck & Mastery of the New Year altars.

I will be doing more of these posts from time to time. These are some of the very last pictures taken with our (very) old camera, so, after the Queen Elizabeth Root post (I know, I know…this weekend, I promise), we will have a new hi-definition quality photo thing happening. If I can just figure out the camera settings. Ha!

Spirit of Vision Spellwork, Left

Spirit of Vision Spellwork, Center

Spirit of Vision Spellwork, Right

Psychic/Divination Mastery Spellwork, Skull Detail

Petition & Prayer Altar to Specific Saints for Clients

Close Shot of NYE Altar Candles

Full Prosperous New Year Altar 2012

Large Crystal Ball with Homemade Incense

Prosperous New Year Altar Center Shot

Side View with Honey Jar, Crystal & Pyrite Balls

Detail Close-Up of Center

The pine-cones were collected that week. The “dragons-egg” on the left I have had since I was 12 years old. The incense in the center brass bowl was made by Sara, as was the altar cloth covering the table, which is normally used as a dust cover for the big crystal ball.

This year will bring many new altars and many new picture opportunities. I promise to keep you all up-dated and will definitely share. We have been busy and bountiful this year!

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