Candlesmoke Spring News & Updates

Temporary Work Space

Welcome Spring!

As if on cue, the cold weather and rain of the last week seems to have shut down completely. The City is still cool and foggy, but much warmer than previous weeks, with the sun threatening to peek in at every cloud turnover. Hopefully soon, we will have a bountiful sky full of sun, warmth, and joy.

Things are coming together very well on the creative end for Candlesmoke Chapel. Our Candlesmoke store should be good to go very soon. We’ve been buried under roots, essential oils, and incense for the last few weeks. We decided that we would rather get things pictured, posted, and shipped more than getting actual sticker artwork for each of the items, at least for the time being. We are going to go with a more classic look, one that we enjoy, and in the future get feedback from buyers and friends and slowly start to add the artwork we have ready.  After discussing packaging with a few people and doing some research we have decided to offer the price of the glass jars off the item if anyone prefers their stuff just ship in just a plain plastic ziplock bag.  It’s not as pretty, but would be easier to recycle the baggie. I’m happy to report that we have tried to use bottles that can be reused for other magical workings, such as our bath salts coming packaged in honey jar style bottles. These, too, can be recycled, but would be better used as a conditional honey jar.

Final oil blends are revealing themselves slowly, but surely. I don’t mind the pace, as I’d rather have a solid and useful oil, rather than a ton of ready-to-sell oils that are not the best we can do. Two oils have been finished and are almost ready to put up. The fact that to make an oil I have to start with one EO, add other EOs to that, then blend them all, is fun, but if I make one false action with it (add a non-harmonious EO) it must be dumped out. Add the fact that oils will change their scent within a few weeks time of blending them, well, these factors make the journey rewarding, but slow going. I’m happy to say that we have 4 more oils on deck for final testing and tweaking, as well as 3 more being started from scratch.

We are aiming to make all items as affordable as possible. It may seem like we must have a lot of disposable money to be starting up this kind of work, but we definitely do not. All spending on anything non-shop related has been suspended for months and months. Any money in the bank is going to the big move (see here) with any extra funds immediately going into ordering more supplies for the shop. We understand the struggles of wanting to use well crafted materials, but struggling to afford “Top Shelf” deemed products. We’ve been there. All products we have lined up will be within the purchase range of most everyone looking for supplies such as these, while still retaining the top notch ingredients we insist on using. We will be making money, yes, and hope that any funds generated from all future sales will, in turn, fund further magical product research and allow us to acquire a pagan meeting place in Florida. Basically, I want everyone to know that we won’t be selling $30 dollar oils and $15 incense. Unless you want that much of any one product…which would be a serious amount!

Condition Oil Mixtures

In move news we are happy to say that we are excited and have finally starting to slowly remove all non-necessities from our home and lives. At times it may be hard, but when we think of having a full, large, blooming garden of herbs, roots and flowers, it makes it much easier. To be able to grow, and show pictures of, the actual bushes and plants that our materials come from has always been a big goal for the both of us. Extra beer mugs be damned, we want our garden! Books have been gone through, lists are being written, things have been sent to friends. This spring season will be the perfect time to continue our purge and cleanse.

One of Many Book Stack Piles

In our down time we have been busy doing a myriad of magical things that have not stopped surprising us. The last week has brought many open-eyed glances and happy clapping in the Candlesmoke home. Pendulums were used in a most valuable way, leading with directions and giving guidance. Tarot cards have been employed to back up some pretty heavy situations occurring and shed light on these occurrences. Lights have been faithfully lit and honey jars continue to light the warm altar room. Even the vinegar jar got some re-worked energy thrown at it and the bathroom smelled of pepper and smoke for a few nights. It’s making me hunger for an entire out-building (or more) to dedicate to on-going works.

Two Honey Jars Fully Candled

While on the general subject of magical yummy-ness, I would like to include a link here for anyone that loves reading occult and magical books as much as I do. The particular book in question that I have been enjoying is entitled “Saint Cyprian: Saint of Necromancers” and was written by ConjureMan Ali. I keep meaning to write an entire post on this book, but never seem to get around to it. If you are curious about Saint Cyprian and quest to learn more, then please get a copy of this book. It is published in the UK by Hadean Press. They are a fantastic publisher and really, all of their books are worth getting. I hope to be able to make another purchase within the first few months after we move. The book is 20 pages long and costs about 6 dollars USD. Well worth it, and they shipped my order to me within a week. From the UK. In perfect condition, too. Support your occult publishers and authors people, I cannot stress this enough. Especially those over the pond, as they seem to be steady printing out some of the most informative tomes out there.

ConjureMan Ali’s Saint Cyprian book published by Hadean Press

In personal news I have been recovering from the Great & Powerful Sickness of 2011, and after a quick relapse I am happy to say that the rest of my 2012 should be illness free. I am recovering quickly and am almost at 100% again. The ear needs a wee bit more unclogging and my vision is slowly beginning it’s return to normal…from seasick spin-around! I have been busy working at the tattoo shop, getting more products tested and made, and catching up on reading. A few of the titles (which may get a review blog-post about) are, “The Magic of the Horseshoe” from 1898, “Magic and Husbandry: Folklore of Agriculture” from 1905, and “Witch Stories from Around the World” published in 1861. I find myself exclaiming out loud at some of the great things these old books contain. Beautiful peeks into yester-centuries. Food for thought. Kindling for the fire circle. Er, the ideas, not the books themselves!

Spring Cat Stand-Off

Look for book review posts, store and item details, blog updates, and general giddiness to come in the next few weeks. Much to do, much to say… I’m off, but I hope you all have the most amazing opening to Springtime possible and that you continue to plant the seeds that will grant your future selves. C’mon sun, let’s get this going!

2 thoughts on “Candlesmoke Spring News & Updates

  1. Seillean says:

    So much awesomeness here I’m not sure where to start. I wish you both luck in you endeavors! I can’t wait to try some of your oils! I too loved the St.Cyprian book. Are you going to be trying any of the oil recipes in it?

    • Joseph Magnuson says:

      Thank you! We may try our hand at a St. Cyprian Oil in the future. No plans for any as of yet. I know someone who is making his own batch from a recipe in the book, can’t wait to see how his turns out!

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