Psychic Boost Oil Toils

This month has been a busy one. Are we really full steam ahead with this April thing? Seriously? Phew!

We both took a well deserved rest/party week in celebration of Sara’s Birthday on the 4th. Good times were had including, but not limited to; beer and bbq at a wooden tavern, fowl and fish at a different wooden palace, copious amounts of Maker’s Mark, genealogy books, a room full of skulls and animal parts, candle shop tour, and lots of staying up late and sleeping in. Snuggly movie watching , too! It was a much needed and necessary decommissioning of the craziness of the past few months. It was fantastic.

We have been dedicating time to getting a bunch of pictures of the things we want to get up in the store. We have a bunch of stuff ready, as well as a few things waiting in the wings, but we would rather take our time and make with the pretty, than force listings. There is nothing that drives us up a wall more than seeing someone with amazing things that has chosen to take horrible pictures (sometimes with the date/time stamp still visible), writes a horribly poor amount of description, or takes no time to make their stuff look as wonderful as it should. Especially if it is of a magical sort. Yeah, we don’t want to to that. (or, “I Can’t Go For That” in the immortal words of one Daryl H. and one John O.)

Psychic Boost Oil in Circle in Eye in Pyramid

I spent a good few hours getting to know our new digital camera. She’s a beast, but I shall tame her. Or, like Ahab, we shall go down together. (Sorry, spoilers.) After taking about 140 pictures of the Psychic Boost Oils we narrowed it down to 33, which in turn got narrowed down to 3. Yeppers, 3. We then realized that we needed a picture of the oil with the toe-tag-like label attached. We also wanted to get a good shot of just one bottle of oil close up so people know exactly what they are getting, and after that can explore the other 4 pictures. Listings for our Van Van Oil, Psychic Boost Oil and the almost ready Peace of Mind Oil (careful, Joe…almost wrote “piece of mind,” that’s a completely different oil for my dark necromancy mages out there) (It is a great Iron Maiden album though. Straight through, every song) should be up and ready for your oogling pleasure by Friday. As long as we get some sun up in this City. It’s been overcast and drizzly forever.

After the Oils get prodded and pictured and posted, we have the same matching incense to list, along with Sara’s Meditation Incense. We have gotten a few samples out of the Meditation Incense and you all seem to be digging it. I like using it because it is both uplifting and ultra-grounding at the same time, which is a rare find for me. Sara has a ridiculously developing talent for incense making.

We also have a few other goodies to list, like the Protective Good Luck cologne for the fellas, Queen Elizabeth Root Pendulums for Divination, Sacred Salt, and a High Holy Temple Incense blend. Some just need really good pictures. Others need one last thing to get them ready. (Don’t get me started about not being able to get red hemp in the smoke-happy city of San Francisco…*really!?*)

Psychic Boost Oils Getting Ready

For those of you who have asked for us to hold an item, or if we will have them later on this month or next, the answer is yes. We are here to stay and, especially after the big move, will always be able to keep our goods in stock. We have taken months on coming up with each blend, making sure we not only like the way that the oils smell, but also that they include the Essential Oils that we feel are absolutely needed for the oil’s purpose. The amount of wasted EO’s was well worth are being happy with the outcome of each of these. For the time being we will be making each of the oils in small batches of three. Each oil will come with a tag letting you know which batch it was from, as well as the bottle number. We want them getting the special treatment they deserve.

The roots and herbs will also be getting a cool tag as well. While we will eventually be printing up some pretty great looking vinyl labels for the condition oils and bags, for the immediate future we wanted to go very bare bones….without sacrificing quality, even if it is just visual quality. The bags that the roots and herbs come in are nice zip-locked baggies of an appropriate size, that can be recycled after use. The tags/labels that we have made up can be doubled as bookmarks once the item has been used. Or recycled if you’d like. We know how many of our friends and fellow occult brethren  have a deadly serious love affair with books and reading, so we thought this was a good way to be able to re-purpose our packaging.

There’s more fun to come, I promise. Thank you to everyone over at Twitter and Facebook and WordPress. There is a ridiculous network of awesome minds out there, people. Just waiting to be utilized to it’s fullest. The future is now, is begging to be played with, and is more human than we were once told it would be. My brain has been expanded and enriched so much in the last 3 or 4 months by simple interaction with other spirit entities that may or may not exist in the form my brain has convinced me they have…over an electric mind-extension computer platform. Too right!

(This post was written with the helpful background music of the Cars, Nokturnal Mortum, and the MIGHTY new sounds of Solstafir, who are surely my new gods. Also a pint of Guinness, ’cause I hear it makes you strong.)

-Joseph Magnuson

P.S. – Come join me won’t you? My brain is yours for the picking:



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