Currently Constructed Condition Oils

New Batch of Psychic Boost Oil

We have finally finished three condition oils. It took a few months of experimenting, tweaking recipes, and letting the “final” mixtures sit and set, but success has occurred!

We don’t take making oils lightly…at all. Working magic is already such a personal thing in most cases that even buying a pre-made magical product can be iffy. We have personally experienced absolute disappointment with a few of the commercially available products found in most shops. They didn’t smell or feel magical at all. They barely seemed like cleaning products. They appeared dead to us. Cold, dead, quickly prepared cheap oil spiked with a bare-bones and overused fragrance scent. Synthetic “majgickal oil” to be sold with the caveat that “the true magic lies within you, so it doesn’t really matter how authentic your tools are.” Rubbish.

All of our oils have actual Essential Oils (and only Essential Oils) to scent them. All of the Essential Oils are chosen first by their uses within the magical community, and then for their scent. This combination of similar attributes, as well as pleasingly scent, creates a truly magical Condition Oil. We only use the best carrier oils available. After all, these oils are going to be on your hands and used in actual work, they better be safe and beneficial in all regards. We also make sure that all of our oils have been made to ensure the longest shelf life possible. Some oils get finished rather quickly, but a few are used with less regularity. We want those to be able to provide use for years and not go rancid after a few months!

We decided to go with 1/2 ounce sizes. Why, you ask? This gives the user quite a bit of the oil to work with. This amount can easily cover 50+ dressed candles, be used many times over to anoint the body and objects, and not make you stress about using it all up within one sitting. The bottles are an attractive size and look good on our shelves, therefore we decided to stick with the 1/2 ounce size for now. We will, possibly, open ourselves up to providing different sizes in the future.

We have decided to color our oils for a few reasons. The first being that they look pleasing and we want anyone possessing our oils to be drawn to actually use them. Making many, many oils that all have a similar appearance starts to look like they are all the same. Though any experienced practitioner knows that these oils will work just fine on their own and uncolored, a lot of people react strongly to the color of the oil. We enjoy using the symbolism of the color with the oils. Anything that can possible accent the oils purpose is a good thing. Color, scent, and sight of the oils goes a long way to help focus the mind on the condition and work at hand. I have tried this both ways, while using an uncolored Psychic Boost Oil and then the same oil, but colored. I found myself being able to get into the mindset I needed quicker with the colored oil. The coloring we use is non-toxic and will not stain your hands. It is used in a quantity that is almost 1/5,000 ratio. For folks that prefer to use uncolored oils we can make them for you, however we would need 5 days to let them set.

The oils we currently have ready to go are as follows:

  • Van Van Oil – When we decided that the first oil we made would have to be a Van Van Oil, we thought, “sure, no problem.” Symbolically it was a no-brainer to choose as our first oil. It sends away the bad and draws in the good. Wipes away the bad luck and lets the good luck rain on in! Health, wealth, protection, luck, empowerment! We had to start with a Van Van. Then mixing time came. This seemingly simple oil is actually quite complex due to the many possible ratios that can be used. What we thought would be the “easiest” oil to make up ended up testing us and our commitment to tweak and blend until we went slightly mad. It worked! (The oil, not the madness…well, a little of both is good for everyone.) We were gifted with a spicy, citrus blend of goodness to help usher in positive new directions in life.
  • Peaceful Mind Oil – The idea for this oil started with my desire to rid myself of a pretty heavy bout of night-terrors that I was having. I was plagued by these on and off for years and decided to actively go about ending them once and for all! I set out a glass with fresh cool water on my bedside each night and started to do Peace of Mind work using this oil mixture on light blue candles. It took about 3 full months of water glass/dressed candle work, but I have been free of the night-terrors steadily since then. I knew then that I wanted to perfect the oil and try to bolster it a bit. The result of blending, letting set, and re-blending for a month and a half finally paid off. This warm, calming, floral scented oil is made specifically to calm and focus the mind, especially during times of stress or helplessness.
  • Psychic Boost Oil – I wish I could have been working with an oil like this for the earlier part of my life. It would have been a great reason for me to set aside the time to focus on honing the craft of divination and psychic communication. I set out to create an oil that would take the Essential Oils that send my mind over the top, and wide open,  and dilute them into a useable Psychic Boost Oil. A small dab on the middle eye or back of the neck is enough to tune me in to any psychic work that I am doing. A tiny coating on a candle will be more than enough to release the power of these strong plant’s powers. As I am ever learning, I find myself using this oil the most out of all three of these listed. Perfect for when I am preparing to do readings, work, or meditation. The final blend is a slightly sweet, but pungent and powerful oil that will help loosen your mind and further aid in your psychic development.

Psychic Boost Oil

All of our oils have been lovingly prepared by the two of us in small batches. We want a final product that we feel as excited about selling to others as well feel about using them for ourselves! Each Condition Oil (and there are 3 more on the way in the near future) has a blend of at least three Essential Oils with the most EO’s used in one blend hitting six! I hope to get my butt in gear and get them listed in the Etsy store in the next 2 days.  Stay tuned for more info, fun, news, and posts.

Oh rats, I didn’t even get to tell you about how the Norse Gods and Goddesses have been whispering to me, lately! Where does the time go… Save that one for another post, then.

-Joseph Magnuson

2 thoughts on “Currently Constructed Condition Oils

  1. Iolair says:

    These are beautiful, and it is great to hear about all the love and energy that was poured into these.This is a level of craftsmanship and pride in one’s work that you just do not see anymore. I can count on one hand the places I know of that put this much into what they sell. Keep up the excellent work you two. It is quite inspirational.

  2. Dakota says:

    The blue color of the Psychic Boost Oil is seriously cool. Looking forward to getting my hands on some / getting some on my hands!

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