Candlesmoke General Updates & News

Phew. After this last month I am tired. The move from San Francisco to Gainesville, FL (on August 15th) has got me tuckered out already! We are shipping all of our belongings beforehand and then driving out, which means everything in the house is 90% packed up in boxes, as well as 80% shipped out. Well worth the effort to have everything waiting for us when we arrive, but hard work to get everything packed…and hard to be in a mostly empty house.

Lots O’ Boxes

Andora Helps

We have been slowly getting out into the city and spending some time in our favorite spots. We have also been busy gathering up what supplies we can from our garden for the move, like collecting and drying our Passion Flower petals.

Golden Gate Park Hideaway

Passion Flower Harvest

We have been joyously creating some new items for Candlesmoke like vinegar jars, sweetening jars, our Hot Passion Oil, and some Good Luck/Banish Negativity Hoyt’s cologne. Almost half of the entire supplies we use are packed up and shipped, but we left out the most important and most used ingredients to ship last. Sara even got a new batch of product cards printed up. We also received the first three, of many to come, Loteria Card Folk Paintings by our very good friend Claudia Pierce.

Candlesmoke Shelves

Candlesmoke Product Cards Uncut Sheets

Making Sweetening Jars

Hot Passion Oil

Hoyt’s Cologne for Good Luck/Banishing Negativity

Loteria Card Folk Paintings

Vinegar Jars

I have been busy scouring the city for supplies to take with us, as well as tying up loose ends and projects here at home. I finally found a small supply of non-dyed lucky rabbit’s feet. It has been tough lately, with the only available feet being the hideously dyed hot pink, purple, and red. I was elated to find a small stash of these available. I recently was gifted some of Aunt Caroline Dye’s graveyard dirt and wanted to get that in an appropriately corked, glass, bottle and wax the jar closed. I am still starting out with using the sealing wax, but getting much better after each try. I plan on working with wax more in the future.

Lucky Rabbit’s Feet

Aunt Caroline Dye’s Graveyard Dirt Jar

Sara and I have been working on, and are in the process of finishing, our ritual/ceremonial drinking horns. Gifted to us by a very close Viking friend, these mean the world to us. Sanding, buffing, more sanding, coating, even more sanding, and soon a raw beeswax seal, will ensure we get to enjoy these for many years to come.

Drinking Horn Making Materials

Sanding Down the Inside

Post Sanding & Buffing Horn Detail

His & Hers Horns, Pre-Finishing

We are both leaving San Francisco with brand new tattoos to mark our departure. The only thing I really wanted to take with me, besides the cats and personal items, was a tattoo from my current friend and boss-man. My first tattoo was to mark my progress in the magical arts at that current time. I have come a long way since then and wanted to do the same, just this much further along in my studies and work. I will share two pictures showing only the outline of the tattoo. Shading and black ink fills to come.

Current Tattoo Work Outline, Minus Branches

Current Tattoo Work Outline, With Branches

Through all of this we have been consistently getting orders out to people…thank you to everyone who has ordered on Etsy, as well as contacted us and snatched stuff up before it even hits the shop. If you even remotely like what we are doing/making/producing now, just you wait until after the relocation. Oh man, we have some great plans lined up. Then, after land is acquired, watch out world!

3 thoughts on “Candlesmoke General Updates & News

  1. Liz says:

    Good luck on the move, shipping your belongings was probably the right choice, my parents lost countless boxes with the moving company they selected in their move from Ohio to FL. Sadly, I’ll be out of the state on the 12th, but I’ll be back sooner or later. I look so forward to seeing what the two of you get up to in G-ville!

  2. Iolair says:

    I am so jealous of that tattoo. I love the detail and the animals and.. well I just love the whole thing. You have an amazing artist. I want a tattoo with that much detail and meaning one day.

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