Changes In the Air

Old Bone Yard

Well, the move is complete and Fall is officially in the air!

We have been comfortably moved to the Gainesville area for a solid month now. The move went well, with only a day added to our travel time. The cats did famously; only a handful of meows or cries for the entire 5 day travels. They spent about 8-9 hours a day in transit, in their carriers and then slept in unfamiliar hotel rooms. They are the real heroes of the journey!

Happy Cats

The trip may have brought them closer.

We all have been adjusting very well. While it is significantly warmer here than back in San Francisco, the days have started to cool off and I am happy to report that the air is fresher and I can breathe much better.

A small example of the plentiful woods.

Since the move we have seen a handful of vultures, many huge butterflies, a small red fox, plenty of hawks, and dragonflies and lizards by the dozens! The entire surrounding area is jam-packed with more trees and green than I have experienced in many years. All of it weeping with beautiful Spanish moss. It is a significantly more bewitching area than the City was, that’s for sure.

Hanging Moss Gardens

We have a small rose bush in our back yard, the house is surrounded by majestic oaks, and we were delighted to find that out front yard has a tree with a very pronounced Troll Eye in it! Welcome home, indeed!

Troll Eye into the Other World

We are at 50% as far as securing jobs, but closing in on the goal of 100%; steady, full, work for us both. We have had *MANY* people ask us when the store will be re-opened and when we will have new, and returning, products available again. I am happy to report that after the next supply purchase we will be set to re-open in early to mid October, just in time for my favorite time of the year!

The Doorway in the Forest

Expect blog posts to be much more present, as I intend to update and inform on a much more frequent basis now that we are comfortably grounded. I have already made a list of posts that need to be complete regarding topics that I would like to address. Keep an eye out if this interests you…

Natural Backyard Stang

A hearty and heavy “Thank you” goes out from us to all of you that sent well wishes, had us in your thoughts and prayers, encouraged us, supported us, donated, purchased, or sent us glowing testimonials in the last 2 months. With each mention we felt loved and it definitely cemented our goal of making our ideas and dreams into reality.

It’s good to be here, it’s good to be back, and I look forward to more interaction with all of you in the coming months! Have a wonderful autumnal equinox and be well.

– Joseph

3 thoughts on “Changes In the Air

  1. rueandhyssop says:

    So very happy for you both! It truly looks like a magical place – the trees are gorgeous & haunting. Wishing you both a very happy & prosperous life there!

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