Etsy Shop Re-Opening / Quick Notes / Testimonials

Sweet Love Sweetening Jars

Of course, after the last post promising much more to come, my laptop had a very serious collapse. It will be up and running after the weekend and I double-down on my promise of much more content soon. All photos and drafts were on that laptop and we will have access to them very soon.

Our Etsy shop has re-opened and the plan is to just keep it up and keep feeding it goodies for the continuing future. We have added two new oils to go with the four already listed; a High John the Conqueror Oil and the oft asked for Personal Cleansing Oil. Also in the mix is the addition of our Sweet Love Sweetening Jars. This summer, these sold out before we were even able to list them on Etsy. We had to make extra this time to get into individual’s hands before listing these in the shop. The Etsy shop can be found here:

Our plan is to be adding about 2-4 new oils a month to our shop. Each time we make a sale all of the funds go right back into getting more supplies to make further items available. Barring the event of a $1,000 donation, it will be slow and steady-going for the near future.  Sara and I will be tinkering and tweaking things to get everything perfect on a few other projects. We are starting the process of getting our self-lighting, no sawdust, incense available, as well as our condition sprays that work well where oils cannot. We will be including dressed candles and candle service a little ways down the road as well.

Finally, at the urging of a large handful of people we have high respect for, as well as the wonderful people who have had readings done by us, we will be including the service of readings in the store. Sara will be offering her Animal Card Readings and I will be doing my Tarot Card Readings. We are still hashing out the details, but we promise we will be posting these soon. I would like to extend a warm thanks to all who have poked and prodded for this to happen. I swore I would never offer these services unless I had the blessings of people I respected and admired. The positive feedback we have received has been a real source of warmth for the both of us and we appreciate it more than we can articulate.

As uplifting testimonials have been coming in from fans and customers alike, we find it an honor to start a Testimonials page on the blog. Though it is empty now, I will be working on filling it in the next week. To tide you over, check out a very touching review of one order sent out over the Summer:

Remember, if you’d like to continue joining in on the fun, we have a Facebook page started (we will be working on that and adding lots very soon) as well as a Twitter account mainly used to update. Kindly find them here: as well as here:

We hope your October is as dark as it is bright!

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