Crossroads/Road Opening Work - In Progress

Crossroads/Road Opening Work

“We call on the Spirit of the Crossroads, and ask that you help successfully open our way and protect our travels…”

Before leaving on our recent cross-country move, we knew that we wanted to do some work to help us on our way and to keep us safe. We were going to be driving from California to Florida, with our two cats in the back,  and were willing to accept all the help and luck that we could get. We decided to go forth and gather Crossroads Dirt from one of our favorite crossroads locations in the city, to use inside our home for Road Opening work.

We woke up early and, after coffee, made our way towards Golden Gate Park. After entering the park, and walking a ways through a dirt path, we came upon the place we set out for; the Crossroads that is located next to the Druid’s Circle. Tree stumps are arranged in a large circle, used for seats, and there is one large altar stump at the front. Layers of trees form a natural barrier from the “regular” world around us. Directly next to the circle is the Crossroads. We both quietly acknowledge and pay our respects to the Druid’s Circle, the Four Directions of the Crossroads, and to the Spirit of the Crossroads. Small birds and squirrels seem to cautiously wait for us to finish before returning to their foraging.

Druid’s Circle, GGP, San Francisco, California

We walk to all four directions of the Crossroad, as well as take time to silently stand in the center, carrying a stone slab with burning incense that streams smoke along with us. We let the winds carry the smoke away and continue our acts of reverence. We bury our offerings around the Crossroads; many coins, Myrrh, High John the Conqueror Root, whiskey, and herbs. Then we dig out the amount of dirt we will need, taking with it some tree mulch and bark to top the dirt with. We sit silently one last time, and before leaving, place an apple within the Druid’s Circle, an offering for the adjacent magical property.

After arriving home, we make sure to sift and then dry the Crossroads Dirt by letting it air out on a large screen and sheet pans. We prepare the room, the table, the material we will be using while we wait. Everything is removed from the room that will play host to the Crossroads work except for a table, a rug, the window curtains, and our potted plants. The table has been washed down and cleaned off with Florida Water and some of our homemade High John soaked Hoyt’s Cologne. We arrange the dirt, together, each working on an arm, until we have it all arranged into a cross. We place the biggest piece of tree bark that had been brought with us, as well as a piece of Lightning-Struck Wood, into the center of the makeshift crossroads. This forms a more concentrated crossroads on top of the larger, dirt crossroads we had made.

Crossroads Work

We then decide that we want to amp up our indoor crossroads dirt by protecting, reeling in, and reinforcing the work. We very carefully outline each arm with Road Opening Sachet Powder and then outline that with Frankincense Salt. We place four, fully dressed Vigil Candles in each of the four sections, Crown of Success, Road Opening, Lord Ganesh, and Archangel Gabriel. I work on the Ganesh section, Sara on the Archangel Gabriel section. We trade off like this until we had both gone around and spoken to each of the directions, each of the powers at work.

Crossroad Work – Crown of Success Candle & Incense

Each section gets a slab of Red Brick from our home to act as an incense burner. Four incense are put out; one for each of the four directions. We put out High John soaked Hoyt’s and whiskey in small metal cups. Each section receives at least one backup candle to their corresponding vigil candles.

Crossroads Work – Lit Candles & Incense

With the incense lit and the candles all alight, the room takes on a warm glow. We stay in there that first night for quite some time, silently communing with the Spirit of the Crossroads and all those involved. We made sure to drop in a few times a day to tend to the candles and incense, offer our thanks, and meditate on the successful achievement of our goals.

Crossroads/Road Opening Work - In Progress

Crossroads/Road Opening Work – In Progress

The work lasted for 8 days, with all of the candles burning completely clear and clean. We felt invigorated and comforted while our work was going, as well as after it was finished. Sure, some small nerves, fears, and concerns attached themselves to us before the move, but they never held us back or stunted out stride. Less than a month later we were barreling through the United States with two cats happily (and silently) in tow. We all made it in one piece, without so much as a mosquito bite. No stolen bags, no lost Debit cards, no booked-up hotels, no angry meowing cats, no tire blow-outs…nothing to hinder our complete success in getting where we needed to go.

Now…to get to work on locating a new, favorite, Crossroads to work with…

– Joseph

6 thoughts on “Crossroads/Road Opening Work

  1. Iolair says:

    Absolutely beautiful work. I am blown away by that makeshift crossroads. That is beautiful. Thank you for sharing such wonderful workings.

  2. KhonsuMes says:

    Great article and work! I know the stone Druid circles (plus other shapes and a small Goddess Altar) in GGP. It is a wonderful place to sit and feed all the critters – I’ve had California Quail, 2 kinds of Jays, squirrels and a passel of little birds all vying for peanuts, various seeds, grapes and cherries). The stones are west of the National AIDS Grove. Don’t know the location of the Wooden Circle though. I would love to visit that one too!

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