Holly Leaves, Small Oils, and Reviews

Holly Leaves and Berries

Holly Leaves and Berries

Merry middle-of-December everyone!

Our back porch is full of newly cut Holly branches. We have been meticulously trimming off the usable leaves to add to incense and for other seasonal and Druidic based works and mixtures. The berries are a lovely shade of deep red. The small, thorny spikes of the leaves serve as a reminder of their protective nature. We have almost filled a large brown grocery bag with the majestic leaves. They will sit for a while until fully dried out, then placed in mason jars until we are ready to use them. This is the first time I have harvested Holly leaves myself (instead of buying them second-hand) and it was a wonderful experience. What a difference it makes being surrounded by large Holly and Oak trees, hanging moss, and new flowers everywhere!  Our local research continues…

Candlesmoke Personal Cleansing Oil Small

Candlesmoke Personal Cleansing Oil Small

The ¼ ounce, smaller sized condition oils are doing very well and have gathered the same great feedback as their larger counterparts. We have about half of the initial batch left for all of the oils left. They certainly did much better than we expected. Word seems to have traveled very quickly and we had many new (as well as returning) customer orders based on the smaller/cheaper priced bottles. We have decided to keep making both sizes available in the future. The available bottles on hand for this month can be found here.

We have also been taking suggestions for new oils (conditional and devotional) and would love to have them keep coming in! It usually takes me about 4 months (and a good chunk of cash and research) to perfect a new condition/devotion oil. So far the oils we have wanted to work on, as well as the oils suggested to us, have gotten us very excited for future offerings. We adore feedback and interaction so always feel free to keep the back-and-forth coming!

A Great Big Thanks has to go out to all of the people who responded to, emailed, shared, and/or suggested the last Candlesmoke blog post; our review of Scarlet Imprint’s At the Crossroads book. The response was OVERWHELMING and easily crushed our previous single day view-count as well as catapulting us up over a major all-time blog-views milestone. The amount of direct contact I received regarding the post was especially surprising and is just another sign for us to keep pushing forward with the Candlesmoke project. It goes to show that an email that took maybe 5 minutes to write and send can make a world of difference to someone…it does to us!

Speaking of reviews; I have about 5 more reviews slated for the next few months. It has been busy times around these parts, so they will appear as our free time dictates. If anyone has any recommendations for book reviews (or has any books to donate/send our way for review) we are more than open to ideas and donations! I have started to see a shift in the value given to certain published works and ideas (in myself, as well as in many others) and cannot wait to witness and experience the New Wave of Occult and Magic(k)al Books (NewWOMB)!  If you have a link you’d like to share to a good publishing house, book, or worthwhile magazine or periodical, please do so in the comments. It is always nice to have them all in one place so I can check them out when I get the New Book Bug.

Candlesmoke Van Van Oil Small

Candlesmoke Van Van Oil Small

This month finds us having to re-purchase almost every single one of the supplies we have been using; from bottles and jars, essential oils, tags, inks, labels…basically everything we thought would be able to get us through years of orders and products. Boy, were we ever wrong. Due to this occurring, there will quite possibly be a very short hump of time where we have a smaller number of items to offer which will be followed by a long stretch of years where we will have everything available…and more! Gone are the days when we were convinced that a single batch of any particular oil would be enough to last us months and months. Some of the oils will be reaching their 6th and 7th batch later this month! It’s a slice of true magic that our dreams have not only come true (hey, how’d that happen!?) but have also been far exceeded.

Candlesmoke High John the Conqueror Oil Small

Candlesmoke High John the Conqueror Oil Small

We are working on coming up with a few surprises for loyal supporters and shop clients. Some small tokens of our appreciation and thanks will be materializing soon-ish.  2013 has a good feel to it already…I can’t wait to see what happens next!

One thought on “Holly Leaves, Small Oils, and Reviews

  1. SilverShadow says:

    Keep up the great work guys! This has been a great experience to watch everything fall together for you two. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next and already had some folks asking if you do whole sale on herbs! (I showed them the Queen Elizabeth roots i bought from you). People are psyched about the quality and for good reason!


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