New Products – Soaps and Washes

We’re thrilled to announce three new products from Candlesmoke! Two different types of Condition Liquid Soaps and a Floor Wash are now available!

left to right: Van Van Liquid Soap, Van Van Floor Wash, Psychic Boost Liquid Soap

left to right: Van Van Liquid Soap, Van Van Floor Wash, Psychic Boost Liquid Soap

The new Condition Liquid Soaps have been a long time in the making. After testing all kinds of different liquid soap bases, I found the perfect one that can be used as a hand wash or in the shower. The soap base is a liquid gel that’s sulfate and paraben free, vegan and organic so it can be used by people with sensitive skin. Our handmade Condition Oils are added in just right the amount so as not to be irritating to the skin but to leave a long-lasting scent. I’ve tested them myself and they’ve been tested by some gracious volunteers and boy does the scent last! The soap is not drying and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft.

These soaps are intended to be used during those times when you need a boost between your regular spiritual bathing rituals. They are definitely not meant to replace any spiritual bathing practices that you already do, but to enhance and uplift you on a daily basis. Use them as you would use any other hand or shower soap – wash and rinse – and let the lingering energy and scent of the condition oils carry you through your day.

They are great for: washing your hands before and after ritual workings or readings; using in your morning shower to get your day started with the right energy; taking a shower before bed to prepare you for sleep; any time you need to feel the oomph! Each soap comes in a 2 fl. oz. PET-free recyclable plastic bottle, which makes them the perfect size to take with you and have at the ready for any difficult or opportune situations that arise

The two soaps we currently have available are: Van Van liquid soap, for clearing away negative, unhelpful energies and bringing in the positive and beneficial; Psychic Boost liquid soap, for enhancing psychic awareness and cultivation of divinatory powers. We’ll soon have other condition liquid soaps available, all made with our hand-crafted condition oils.

Van Van Liquid Soap

Van Van Liquid Soap

Psychic Boost Liquid Soap

Psychic Boost Liquid Soap

If you already love our oils, you’ll definitely love these soaps! And if you haven’t tried our oils, the soaps are a great way to get familiar with our line!

The other new item we’re excited about is our new Van Van Floor Wash. Our floor wash is created from an ecologically friendly, biodegradable cleaner made with plant based ingredients. Our tried and true Van Van Oil is incorporated to make a delicious smelling, spiritually satisfying and easy to use floor wash. When I tested it, it completely changed the atmosphere and vibes in our home!

Van Van Floor Wash

Van Van Floor Wash

This floor wash is to be used for regular spiritual cleansing of your home or place of business. It’s great for monthly purification of energies in your home or work areas and for clearing your space after you’ve had guests. It comes in a 2 fl. oz. PET-free recyclable plastic bottle and is safe to use on all types of floors, even carpet. Each bottle comes with instructions for use.

Another new product that we’re working on (teaser alert!) is a full-on House Cleansing Kit. The kit will include our Van Van Floor Wash, as well as several other goodies and fabulous Candlesmoke products. It’s designed for you to complete an entire space cleansing ritual, complete with step-by-step detailed instructions. Look for this new offering in the next couple of weeks!

As always, we are grateful for our wonderful clients and customers and we hope you’ll enjoy these new products!

~Sara Magnuson~

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