Santisima Muerte Altar: Achievement Unlocked


As many of you know I have been cultivating a relationship with Santisima Muerte. This has been a slow, respectful, and well researched approach to getting familiar with her.

I have taken a wonderful presentation given by Lou Florez a few years ago and was very impressed with his way of working, and looking at, the Bony Lady. His enthusiasm and intelligent approach opened my eyes to further working with this lovely folk saint.

I approached her respectfully (and lightly) and started to research her worldwide veneration. This included both academic books outlining her followers, as well as practitioners who have already cultivated a close relationship with her.

Back in San Francisco I was walking and meditating on Santa Muerte and I asked her, “If you wish for me to start working with you and set up an altar then I ask for a small sign before I reach my home.” I was given this sign when I was about half-way home. I immediately went to the nearest BevMo and purchased her some tequila.

Lately I have been having exceptionally vivid dreams in which the Skinny Lady has been appearing to me, asking for very specific things, and sometimes simply standing next to me for periods of time.

I was very specifically told to get as large of a raw chunk of black tourmaline as I could afford and to lay this at her feet. In another dream I was approached by a beautifully robed Muerte in the most royal purple color. She was offering her assistance in her purple form (traditionally for healing and help) in exchange for the altar offerings. During my birthday month of May I was able to procure both of these dream requests; the large raw chunk of black tourmaline, as well as a Santa Muerte statue cloaked in a deep purple robe.

On the current altar incarnation is the following (from left to right):

  • First sugar skull make for Santa Muerte during Lou Florez’s workshop
  • Both large and small sizes of Kah Tequila sugar skull bottles
  • Handmade black and white Muerte skull by Hannah from OfEmptyMen
  • Santisima Muerte pyramid filled with charms, beans, and herbs
  • Santa Muerte Oil purchased from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company
  • pair of deep, dark, red candle holders refilled and lit daily
  • glass jar filled with high-quality white copal tears
  • tall glass of clean water, changed often and always kept full
  • yak-bone skull mala beads for meditation and prayer recitation
  • Santisima Muerte statuary purchased from Mexico City, Mexico
  • offering glass regularly filled with tequila
  • apple offering
  • chocolate offering
  • cigarette offering
  • glass of Corona Familiar, kept fresh and changed when needed
  • small amber acrylic Muerte statuary loaded with charms and beans
  • small bottle of abrus beans
  • small spider and skull toys that I have been led to find, mostly in the street
  • bottle of Espolon Tequila
  • bottle of Patron Tequila
  • raw chunks of myrrh gum
  • offering bowl for flowers and herbs, at the moment filled with red rose petals
  • blood red altar cloth covered with a black and white embroidered altar cloth, both graciously donated by my lovely wife for the creation of my altar

I continue to work the altar daily, research like a madman, and share in the joy of this beautifully misunderstood (at the current moment) folk saint. As more time passes I may decide to start taking petition requests and lighting candles for other people’s situations, however this will depend on furthering my relationship with, and the permission of, the Sweet Lady of Bones.

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