How To (not) Disappear Completely


The best thing I have decided to do in the last few months has been to limit my exposure to online “social” media. I have gotten more done, and been more on track, in the last two months than I had in the large chunk of time that came before it. Instead of getting into debates that went no where I made 70 bottles of condition oil. Instead of coddling people who were looking for any self-esteem boost they could get I was reevaluating where I was at with my divination offerings. Instead of just simply promoting items I was busy making new items worthy of promotion.

Which is not to say that today’s forms of social media are all bad. Not at all. It is specifically when they start to absorb the majority of your time and become more real than real. I was too busy lighting candles for people to enter into a discussion group minutely picking apart the different ways (read: “wrong”) people work candles. It was a nice feeling. It was a GREAT feeling.

I have always tip-toed the razor-thin line between fully embracing electronic expression in all of its forms and, at the same time, struggling to not burn my computer in a bonfire and live in the woods. Both are appealing to me. One has more trees.

This being said, I have learned from my sabbatical and have made a deal with myself (I even have a chart on the wall next to me) in regards to the amount of time that I feel comfortable giving to the exclusively electronic side of Candlesmoke. For those of you who stuck around (or had just joined us) during our semi-blackout, thank you for still being here. We love you very much.

In dialing a lot of things back I have found the time to add more readings to my schedule. This will allow me more flexibility with fitting people in, as well as allow me to add Bone Readings and other forms of divination that I am versed in. Setting new priorities has allowed me to go back and formulate even more oils, both condition oils as well as some new devotional oils that will be coming soon.

The feedback from the Etsy shop customers has been overwhelming and genuinely touching (on a level I had not expected) and we thank all of you who have been emailing and convo’ing us in the last months. It has been a tremendous comfort.

The end of Spring brought a wave of being honest with ourselves. Raw honesty can be scary. Though it does feel damn good to be scared once and a while.

It feels good to be back. Let’s meet here again real soon.



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