Antique Good Luck Horseshoe and Pentagram

On the rare day off from working a 40 hour a week job, as well as working on Candlesmoke for the remaining hours, Sara and I love to drive out into the scattered winds and hunt down antique shops. I have loved doing this for as long as I can remember. I was always far more excited to go to a “junk shop” than a Toys R’ Us. As I have gotten older the amount of things I hunt for has been greatly diminished, however there are still a few things that are always going to be on my list.

One of the very few things that I have continued to collect has been Good Luck Charms. Amulets, tokens, postcards, key-chains, coins, statues…you name it, if it’s “Lucky” and nice looking then I’m interested. Our collection peeks out from all corners of our home, inside and out.

You can imagine our extreme pleasure when, after digging through some real crap for a few hours, we came upon this item of Great Luck and Immense Beauty:

Candlesmoke Good Luck Pentagram

Good Luck trivet items are not that ridiculously hard to find around, if you’re looking for them, but to find one this nicely aged and loved was a pleasant surprise. The price was certainly not haggled over either.

These Good Luck trivets, be they avec ou sans Pentagram, are another in a long and visually appealing insight into the hundreds of ways we have been bringing luck into our lives for thousands of years. No matter if it’s merely a symbolic esthetic for the kitchen wall, a tried and true Luck Bringer, or just a cool way to meet similarly minded people.

I will try to assemble a group picture of some of our smaller Good Luck collectables for the future. It may make a fun blog post to discuss some of the different ways we personally let Luck into our lives.

3 thoughts on “Antique Good Luck Horseshoe and Pentagram

  1. Animoria Astrum says:

    Oh my gosh! I just stumbled on to your blog through a link at New World Witchery and saw this. My husband and I found the same trivet at an antique store in Oregon last year. We were just as thrilled and it currently hangs in my kitchen. What strange synchronicity!

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