Candlesmoke: Into The Woods

Well hello there!

Sara and I recently got back from a rare vacation. We decided that we wanted a change of atmosphere from the spooky swamplands of Northern Florida and pointed our humble automobile towards the dark confines of the Massachusetts woodlands.

I grew up in Western Massachusetts and still feel a supreme glow of energy emanating from these parts. Old Growth energy. Ancient, Before-Our-Time energy.

Though the swamps of the South do lend themselves to our rootwork studies, we found that the chunk of us that craves darkened forests to be slightly on the empty side of the gauge.

Immediately after entering the feeder trails did we feel a complete calm and overriding sense of well-being enter both of us. The trees hummed, the air was crisp and whispered, the downed tree trunks pointed our way. In the middle of a valley, surrounded by mountains, hills, and tree-lines, we were cradled and rejuvenated. Venturing further into the forest brought us areas where the trees were so dense we had to strain to see the blue sky and clouds swirling above.

We hugged trees. We talked to leaves. We followed lazy streams. We climbed up rock embankments and gave ourselves to the whims of the woods. A never ending color cascade of changing fall leaves watched over us and allowed our frolicking.

We spent the perfect amount of time needed to reacquaint ourselves with the environment that had previously taught both of us so much—about ourselves and the land. Now back home we have both clearly noticed a change and have kept hold of part of the area inside of our heads, or hearts, and our guts.

Now…where were we?

-Joseph Magnuson

2 thoughts on “Candlesmoke: Into The Woods

  1. april says:

    I have had a similar experience, recently wanting to hike in the forests and trails, the wilder, darker, more solitary type. Healing, perspective and future growth are just some of what these nature places offer. It’s good to hear more than just me wanting to connect with nature!

  2. deborah says:

    Lovely…to traverse into the woods of New England in the fall. So many colors to ponder. So many messages to perceive. Thank you for sharing your time into the woods.

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