Santa Muerte Veneration Night

Santa Muerte In Purple

Santa Muerte In Purple

In the past few years I’ve come to form a close bond with Santa Muerte and am frequently given very specific directions in the most vivid dreams. She has asked for seemingly random offerings (once I was touched on the shoulder by her and specifically asked for the “largest solid mass of black tourmaline I could find/afford” for the altar) and she has provided valuable information during meditation sittings while in front of her altar. I wanted to end this month with a proper veneration ceremony for her.

I will be setting up a Santa Muerte Veneration Night altar on Halloween night/November 1st morning. From 11:30pm to 1am I will be burning incense, giving offerings, and lighting candles, all while holding the image of Santa Muerte in Purple superimposed over the altar.

In contemplating the idea that a light in the darkness provides clarity, I thought about how great it would be to strengthen that light with multiple points; a collective of illumination. Each time we’ve done small altar candle work we’ve gotten comments (after the fact) from all sorts of people wishing to have been included in the work. Our New Year’s Eve candle altar for prosperity was a lot of fun to arrange and everyone was very happy knowing that they had candles lit for them, burning away into the New Year.

We’ve decided to offer a chance for anyone interested to take part in this Santa Muerte Veneration Night work. If interested, we will be offering the following:

  • One 4″ candle to be carved, dressed with our Santa Muerte oil, and rolled in appropriate roots and herbs.
  • One name-paper hand-drawn to include your name and your petition.
  • Your candle lit and burned during the transition of Halloween and All Saints Day/Day of the Dead.
  • Pictures sent to you showing your individual name-paper and specific candle burning.
Santa Muerte In Purple

Santa Muerte In Purple

I have the most familiarity working with Santa Muerte in Purple and will be doing so on the night in question. In this image she is most related to granting good health, opening doors to success, and reversing negative situations. Lately, Santa Muerte in Purple has also been petitioned as a champion for LGBT issues and protection.

If this sounds like a working that you would like to be included in, the charge is a $5.00 donation for each candle to be lit. Any funds collected in this manner would be immediately put into the Candlesmoke fund for future chapel equipment.

Anyone interested can PayPal us using – – or click the “Donate” button on the right-hand side of the page.

Please make sure to include: the email address you would like your photos to be sent to; a short description of your petition (i.e. “success in the new year” or “a healthy new year” or “Santa Muerte watch over me”); and your first and last name for the name-paper.

After the work has been done we will be disposing of each of the name-papers in a devotional fire we will build in our backyard. Your petition will drift away through the branches of tall oaks and on into the night sky!

We hope that you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween/Samhain/All Saints’ Day/Dia de los Muertos and that you stay warm and cozy during this most beautiful time of darkness and introspection.

Santisima Muerte Altar

Santisima Muerte Altar

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