Stickers Materialize, Candles Relit

The new Candlesmoke stickers have been delivered and have started to go out with all orders. These are nearly indestructible, waterproof, fade-proof, sticker-brutes! We have a few more designs we are finishing up and will be having made very soon.

We’ve received our big spell-jar order and our aim is to expand the spell-jar/sugar-jar line of products. We have been getting mounting emails and convos asking for more.

I have almost finalized the recipe blends for our upcoming Ganesha, Cernunnos, and Saint Joan of Arc oils. The Hecate oil will take a while longer to get just right, but is coming.

We have been mulling over whether or not to offer mojo bags and vinegar jar kits to the “general public.” Expect to see specific mojo bag/prayer card combos in the future, and quite possibly a small line of other mojo bags for various conditions.

After getting so many pleas for a good line of Beard Oils from friends and acquaintances we have decided to develop the line. This will start small with a few selected blends that I personally make, use, and enjoy. The same rules of the magical oils will still apply; no fake crap, absolutely no unnatural chemical “scents,” as pure as possible. We expect no one to rub synthetic product in their majestic beards and have to sit with that all day! We hope to have some more news about these soon.

The list of possible plans for 2015 is pretty staggering and we’re excited (and a bit nervous) to jump in and start making it all happen. I’ll make sure to keep everyone updated and in the loop.

This year has started with fires, good mead, good fortune, live music, and lots of horror movies, strong coffee, and popcorn. We’re going to try our hardest to keep the momentum going!

Let’s kick this new year off proper, shall we?

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