Tragedy Strikes, Justice Is Swift

Tragedy Strikes

Tragedy Strikes

On March 19th Sara and I came home to the shock that our glass back door had been shattered in with a brick. There was glass shards everywhere, reaching into multiple rooms. Someone had broken into our home while we had been at work.

The door was wide open and, after seeing this, we ran to check on our cats. Miraculously both of them were still in shock and cowering under the bed and in the far back of the closet. Trying to remove him from the closet I had to pry Seymour’s claws off of an old purse that belonged to Sara. Andora, the vigilant older fighter, was easier to wrangle.

After making sure our most precious pals were safe and sound, and not wandering the neighborhood as we had feared, we began to assess the situation.

No one who was at home in the surrounding houses reported the loud noises of a brick smashing out a giant double glass door panel or the metal frames holding it in place. Or seeing someone pry off the screens to each of our back windows.

The thief took his leave with our digital camera, television, kindle, a camping knife, and most panic-inducing, Sara’s laptop. The laptop we use for Candlesmoke. The laptop that includes all of our label designs, all of our information. We did not have renter’s insurance (shame on us) because this is the first time either of us have had more than one or two items worth taking.

After waiting hours for the police to arrive (the entire available units were elsewhere in our neighborhood responding to another, unrelated, crime in progress) we walked through the house with the officer who works the area. After a few more hours he was gone an we started the unpleasant task of cleaning up a good few pounds of broken glass. We got a temporary wood board to place over the door for that night. We ate a delivered pizza in complete shock.

Our neighborhood is beautiful, but is also the single, number-one-with-a-bullet, worst zipcode in all of the surrounding area. Three other houses on our immediate street have been broken into. One abandoned house is used as a place of…I’ll be civil and say, “ill repute.” We have felt the need to call 911 more in the past year of living at our current address than the entire decade we spent living in San Francisco.

It’s time for a change of scenery. Our lease ends this summer and we feel it’s time to bid our current digs adieu. The stress has gotten to us and the recent empty houses and For Sale signs are just adding to the area’s continued down-slope. Over the next couple of months we will be selling off any extra things we have in the house and stashing all of our funds into a savings account.

Candlesmoke will go on as usual and we will be putting up more batches of oils in the Etsy shop very soon. We were getting ready to start offering more oils and items the weekend that came directly after the break-in. Needless to say those things were put on hold for a second. All orders went out on time during the last week and we would like to thank all of our customers and friends for being so patient with us. We were adjusting to some new feelings.

A giant thanks goes out to everyone who helped add to the ocean of love, hugs, and nice words that were heaped our way. In the midst of feeling so terrible and violated we were overwhelmed with the amount of people who called, texted, private messaged, donated, and offered any help they could. There are truly no words that I can fathom to even touch how much it meant to us. How much ALL OF YOU mean to us. THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE!


Immediately after this happened I started to work my Santa Muerte altar and light candles for her. I asked that she take matters into her hands and see justice be done; right and swift. Her candles burned bright through the next few dark nights. I petitioned Freyja to help protect us and seek out the wrong-doer. Sara continued to hold the image of her laptop coming back to us, making its way home.

We received a call this past Tuesday. It was the Police Department. They had tracked the laptop down. They had the person who committed the crime in custody. He is being held accountable for his actions and the laptop was returned to us yesterday (although it is completely wiped and unusable).

Speak from your heart, energetically pray, visualize the goal you wish to see. Speak openly and honestly with those you petition and seek aid from. Develop a bond that is like a brother or sister, rather than a spiritual deity/slave who has the sole purpose of doing your bidding. Put yourself into their hands and let good be done.


If anyone cares to take a peek at some of the items we are selling to shore up extra cash for the move this summer, you may turn your attention to this link:

We have lots of hoodoo and magical books, items, and what-nots listed, as well as Volumes 3, 4, and 5 of Harry Hyatt’s Hoodoo Conjuration Witchcraft Rootwork available for sale. Autographs and ephemera from my last 3 decades of collection odds and ends and much, much more. We will be adding items as we discover them in a bookshelf, sealed box, album, or closet. Thank you for your time.

4 thoughts on “Tragedy Strikes, Justice Is Swift

  1. marjolijn siersema says:

    sorry to hear this bad news but i send you blesses and light to help you back on track again. love from marjolijn – the netherlands.

  2. G. B. Marian says:

    I’m sorry this happened to you, but thank the Gods your cats are safe, and thank Freyja and Santa Muerte that your property was returned and that the perpetrator has been brought to justice. This is nothing short of a miracle. May you continue to be blessed!

  3. Mona says:

    I’m so glad your cats were unharmed. Good to hear about the swift justice! Invasions are horrible. Hope you all find a safer dwelling soon!!!

  4. Eri Kuudere says:

    Oh my. Who would steal from witches? Haha. Sorry, new reader so apologize if you arent. But looking at your ebay shop i can see that you have plenty of books of the occult, which led me to think who in their right mind would steal from people with a collection of books like that on their shelf?! I find it funny especially since the guy was caught and your most precious item returned.

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