Welcome… New Site, New Oils

GaneshHello there!

Joe here. Welcome to the new website! We hope you like it. Though there will be changes and additions in the future, we feel that we’ve finally got it to where we imagined it to be. The shop is up and running and works like a charm. We still have a few aesthetic changes to make, but will be dealing with that as newer items and services are offered. Now that the site has been 95% taken care of we can once again start up the blog posts on a more regular schedule. You’re reading one right now!

After selling our 500th bottle of oil a little while back we decided that it was time to make the jump from Etsy to our own website and personal shop. Thankfully most of our Etsy customers have found us here. We thank you so much for the continued votes of confidence! Etsy was getting much too constricting, and costly, and we find this new set-up suiting us much better.

The first new offerings listed on the site were our Road Opener and Ganesh oils. Both of which sold out immediately. More base oil batches have been mixed up and will be made available again shortly. The overwhelming response, as well as the giant amount of orders, was another sign that we must be doing something right…or rather, that people are recognizing that what we are doing is on the right track. Speaking more to this:

Our Ganesh Oil: As anyone who has followed us for a while knows, this oil has been being finalized for quite some time. I have a very personal connection to almost daily Ganesh adoration and did not want to settle for an inferior recipe. I thought about offerings that I like to give to Lord Ganesha, as well as some of the oldest and most traditional things associated with Ganesh veneration. What I came up with was a potion that not only combines the aroma of sweets and flowers given to Ganesh as offerings, but also the sweet grasses and atmospheric scents of the areas most associated with him. I am most proud that, as with each of our oils, this was done without the use of ANY artificial scents or aromas. No fake coconut or mango. No gas-station strawberry fragrance oil found in many deity oils available. This was my main concern for the oil, no matter the time, energy, or investment necessary to make this happen. I am pleased with the results and the feedback has been very positive.

Our Road Opener Oil: This was an oil that would not be suppressed! Every few months, while working on already-in-progress recipes, someone would ask if we were planning a Road Opener oil. Truth be told, it was always on our shortlist, but the steady stream of requests made it happen in a more timely manner than it may have. We work on a few new recipes at a time and actually work on them. We never wanted to be an overnight magical oils business that suddenly springs up and has 300+ oils available because they bought a random recipe book. All of our oils were formulated in-house, from scratch. The same goes for our Road Opener. The oils used were all researched and worked with precisely because of their long-standing use for opening the way and kicking aside blockages. Our recipe is noticeably different than most one-note Road Openers found in many botanicas, but in what we believe to be a very positive way.

Rest assured that we will be adding all of the “missing” items that were so popular in the Etsy shop, as well as many of the services and additional items that have been hinted at. The blog will be updated much more than it has been over the last few months as well. Some things may be settling down here, but our work has just begun.

Thank you for all of the support you’ve given us,

-Joseph Magnuson

One thought on “Welcome… New Site, New Oils

  1. M.A. Rivera says:

    Congratulations! New site looks amazing! Recently, I had been wondering when you folks might unveil the new site and I’m glad to see you it up. Many blessings!

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