Candlesmoke Fall Update 2015

Fall 2015 Stickers


We hope this finds you all having an amazing October! This month has always held a special place in our hearts. The days are starting to grow darker, the air has a slight chill in it. We just celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary on the 17th and Halloween is just around the corner. As fast as the summer seemed to zip by, we’re always glad to see Fall settle in.

We continue to be delighted with the response that Candlesmoke has been getting lately. The testimonials have been great to read and the oils have been hard to keep in stock. We keep increasing our bottle orders and find that we continuously need to up our next orders! Some of this has to do with the fact that we have been saving up for a down-payment for our first house. This is a huge deal to us, but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. After we get our house and move everything in, we can start ordering massive amounts of supplies. This will once and for all keep us stocked up for at least a year at a time. Thanks for being so patient with us!

If you have ordered from us this Fall season you already have the new Candlesmoke stickers. We love making these and including them in our orders. The new style is shown above. Expect more designs to come at different times of the year.

We are happy to report that our new oils are on their way. The final steps are always the most time consuming and we want to make sure we get everything exactly how we want it. Fiery Wall, Saint Joan of Arc, Uncrossing, and Solomon’s Wisdom oils are all very close to being finished. We do have a good supply of other oils listed in our shop at the moment. For those of you who keep trying to order your own bottles of our Ganesh and Road Opener oils, fear not, there are more batches on the way. The first three offerings of these oils sold out in a matter of days. We were not prepared for such a clean sweep and were sending them out so quickly that we actually ran out of bottles!

We will be adding more items as we finish them. I have heard the requests for more hand-ground Red Brick Dust, different jar and bottle offerings, and mojo bags. These are all on our short list with the Saint Joan of Arc mojo bags being finished first. Rest assured that whenever anything is ready to be released we will post an announcement on the Candlesmoke Chapel Facebook page.

We’re always thinking about new ways we can connect with and serve our clients and Sara has a special offering launching in November! Animalia is an intensive 9-week program on working with Animal Spirits. Sara will lead you on a journey of self-reflection, meditation, and guided research with lots of practical direction and one-on-one attention. You’ll get real-mail goodies, content-rich material, personal phone calls, and a special place to interact with your classmates online. All will be revealed November 1st!

Well, that’s all the news we have for now. We hope your spooky season is going well and that you’ve all managed to get outside and enjoy this wonderful Fall.

Good luck and best wishes,

Joseph & Sara Magnuson

Candlesmoke Chapel

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