Candlesmoke November News

acornsigilHappy November-almost-December! Our November has been filled with lots of much-needed vacation time, visits from fantastic friends, delicious food and drink, and working with amazing clients. We started the month with a week of vacation and a wonderful visit from our dear friends, Zola and Royal. A fun-filled few days of laughter, music, delicious conversations, playing with cards of all sorts, and general tomfoolery! Now we are finishing off our Thanksgiving vacation and reveling in all the things we are grateful for.

Shop Updates:

Oil Restocks – All oils that are currently out of stock will be replenished! We have no plans to discontinue any of the oils we currently offer and greatly appreciate your patience while we work on the next batches. In the meantime, we still have 15 different oils available right now! See what’s on hand here.

Product Feature – Sweet Love Sugar Jars
sugarjarSweetening Jars are traditionally made to get a person or situation to be sweet on/to you. Our Sweetening Jars are specifically made for drawing “Sweet Love” to you. These Sweetening Jars include our homemade Vanilla Love Sugar, shaken daily to ensure maximum potency. Also included among the many herbs, roots, and flowers specifically chosen for their sweet love-drawing attributes, you will find some of our home-grown, home-harvested, and home-dried Passion Flower Petals. As a happily married husband and wife team, we take great pleasure in including these special and meaningful ingredients for your continued Sweet Love Drawing success. The picture can only convey the visual beauty of the jars, but you will be delighted to smell the sweet scent that emanates out of your Sweetening Jar.
Here’s what the illustrious Briana Saussy had to say about our Sugar Jars – “I am in love with Candlesmoke’s Sweetening Jars! I think this is a brilliant idea for anyone who wants the benefit of a honey jar or a sugar jar, desires something beautifully, professionally, and lovingly made but wants to do the actual work themselves. I like sugar jars a lot because you can shake them up more effectively than honey jars and Candlesmoke’s sweetening jar smells fantastic and feels very potent-of course-they are made by a happily married couple and that brings its own special magic to the table!”

Card Readings – Now is the season when we often begin reflecting on how this year has been and what the new year has to bring. A tarot card reading is a great tool for looking at where you’ve been and what’s to come, or to hone in on what particular issues are important for you right now. Joseph and I each offer various types of tarot card readings via email, but they are not your typical email readings! Many card readings provided by email are extremely short and often don’t really provide much insight leaving you to look up card meanings on your own. We pride ourselves on making an email reading a worthy experience and giving you as much information as we see in the cards. You’ll always get a detailed description of the spread, each card’s meaning, and how it applies to you. And we always include a photo. So as you reflect on this year and the next, we’d be honored to provide you with insight and guidance.

Teaching – We’re branching out here at Candlesmoke! After many years of personal practice and working with/teaching others privately, I decided to put together a program that I could offer in a virtual format. I wanted a way that I could work with people that live anywhere and everywhere. And so Animalia has been born into the world! This is an intensive 9-week program on working with Animal Spirits – what they are, how to discern their messages, and how to incorporate them into your spiritual practice. I will lead you on a journey of self-reflection, meditation, and guided research, with lots of practical direction and one-on-one attention. You’ll get real-mail goodies, content-rich material, personal phone calls, and a special place to interact with your classmates online. There are still two spots left! Click here to read more and register.

That’s about it for this month! We’re busy little bees and love every minute of it!
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With our never-ending appreciation for your support,
Sara and Joseph Magnuson

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