Happy New Year News!

Hello party people!

We’re only about three weeks into the New Year and we’re already starting it off feeling excited and renewed. The amount of things on our upcoming schedule is overwhelming in the best possible way. It’s been full steam ahead with no signs of stopping. It seems as though that giant batch of Road Opener Oil had an effect on the entire area where it was made!

In the past few days we have been busy grinding our Red Brick Dust. Many of you have been asking about it after an extended absence from the shop. This was due to the fact that we painstakingly hand-grind our red bricks and it can take hours to produce enough for just a few small jars. While we’re happy to report that there are bottles available in the shop now, and that we will be keeping them in stock as more batches become available, we will only be offering these for the next few months. The reason is two-fold; that we’ve already sold so many jars that we are starting to see our generous (and personal use) brick supply dwindle, and also because it is much too time consuming and physically taxing to make in such large batches. Rest assured that we have been grinding away like crazy and will have Red Brick Dust in stock for a while longer.

On the flipside of retiring the Red Brick Dust, this just means more time can be spent to formulate and finish all of the new magical and ritual oils we have in the works. Many will be revealed in the very close future, but I can announce one of them now:
Wisdom of Solomon Oil! After blending and testing (and then blending some more!) we’re finally proud to announce that our Wisdom of Solomon Oil is ready and will be available later this week. We narrowed down the appropriate essential oils we wanted to blend for this oil, played with ratios, and patiently waited. The final result is a rich and enveloping oil that warmly wraps you up in its influence and stimulates clear, rational thought. Use Wisdom of Solomon Oil whenever you need to make important decisions, for a potent boost of concentration, or to become receptive to obscure knowledge or seemingly hidden answers. Initial feedback has been better than expected and we are thrilled to be able to add this to our growing collection of Candlesmoke Oils.

We’d also like to take the time to thank the 462 people who have liked Candlesmoke Chapel on Facebook. We have never paid Facebook any advertising or “promotion” money for any of our followers or to “boost” any of our posts’ reach. We owe each one of those Likes to word of mouth; each of you telling someone you know what you think about our products. For this we thank you very much and want everyone to know that it makes us warm and tingly! We know we make a superior product to most everything out there and cherish our small but loyal band of friends and clients. THANK YOU!

Finally, after many requests and much discussion, we are filled with joy to announce the first in a line of services we’re excited to start offering. Since the beginning of Candlesmoke Chapel our original vision was a candle ministry dedicated to providing ethical candlework to our clients at a fair and reasonable price. While we are working our way towards getting the space to dedicate to a large amount of vigil candle offerings, we have decided to begin by offering Fixed Candle services.

From our shop description:

Burning a candle for your intentions, desires, and needs is a powerful tool for manifesting real change in your life. We do it for ourselves all the time. It can also be helpful to have a candle lit on your behalf – maybe you can’t light a candle for yourself because there’s not a safe place to keep it burning or you don’t want others to see your work; maybe you feel too close to the situation and need some objective support; maybe you want some assistance or back-up for work you’re already doing.
We practice the sacred art of candle-burning through a deep meditative and prayerful ritual of writing, carving, and dressing. Using a four inch offertory candle of the appropriate color, it will be hand-carved with your name and a couple of words that get to the essence of your condition or situation, and then dressed with the relevant oils and herbs. The petition you submit to us will be written out, dressed, and placed under the candle while it burns. Your candle will burn continuously on our altar until it goes out on its own. Afterwards, you will receive a brief summary with observations of the burn, as well as a photo.

While we have been burning candles for people by request for many years, this will be the first time we have offered the service to the public. We are grateful for everyone who gently nudged and prodded us to finally open ourselves up and add this option to our shop.

We have a lot more surprises in store and I promise that all will be revealed soon. The energy around our little shop and the oils we make has started to manifest a very real and tangible happiness in our lives. We appreciate all of the inquiries, comments, praise, and suggestions that have been sent our way and hope that the love and magic we feel surrounding us can be felt on your end as well.

Here’s hoping your 2016 has gotten off to a real good start and we wish you much luck and many blessings for the future.

~Joseph and Sara Magnuson

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