New Oil in the Shop!

Hello everyone!

We find ourselves nestled into a rare quiet bit of time where we have no card readings or candle work to do for clients. We’d like to take this time to thank everyone for all the support. We’re sure glad we jumped into offering candle work because we really had no clue that the response would be so overwhelming. We’ve gone through nearly one hundred candles, and even more hours spent on working them, in just the last two months. It has been beyond amazing working with everyone and getting to share correspondence with so many of you. We are honored and loving every minute of it!

Starting Candlesmoke Chapel has opened so many doors for both of us. We’ve been able to learn and grow, as well as begin to teach, offer assistance, and brainstorm with so many creative people. The sheer number of wondrous individuals we have met through Candlesmoke is staggering and it pains us to even imagine a world where we don’t have these contacts. This often results in conversations, discussions, and magical idea sessions that we wistfully daydreamed about in our teen years.

One of the many things we’ve noticed has been the younger crowd’s injection of The New into the field of magical work; not only in experimental practice, but also with a complete disregard of some of occult’s older baggage,which allows for innovative applications. This has been influencing how we look at our wild witchy world as a whole.
A recent observation that influenced our newest oil is a sincere appreciation and usage for crystals. At least in our current circles it would seem that the New Age, space-cadet, crystal-waver stereotype has been replaced with serious obsidian gazers, quartz worshippers, and amethyst diviners.  Everyone from Techno-Mages to Chaos Chasers to Dark Moon Witches have shown us (gleefully) that the more modern embrace of crystals (free from the truly silly woo-woo of the past) is a beneficial one.

This led us to finally complete an oil mixture that we’ve been ruminating on for a while now. Our new Crystal Seer Oil is fully finished and now a permanent fixture in our shop. The oil has been created for use as both a personal anointing oil for anyone who uses crystals, palm stones, seer stones, or crystal balls for divination, as well as a light cleansing and refreshing oil for use directly on the crystal tools themselves. We’ve been using the oil to anoint our wrists, ankles, and forehead before crystal divination and have been applying small amounts to our palms to imbibe our crystal tools.

The mixture is a pleasant blend of four essential oils traditionally used for heightening divination and seer work. To stimulate and amplify the oil for its future work with you we have added a small quartz crystal to every bottle! We’re very pleased with how the oil turned out and find ourselves sneaking small dabs of it to rub on our palms before readings.  We find it vibratingly delicious!

We’re working on so many new projects that it feels like we need four arms each. Mojo bags, three additional new oils, new sugar jars, and restocks of our many stock oils are coming to their final stages very soon. We’re still deciding how we want to handle offering new services as we realize that we’re caught between the middle ground of still very much needing our day jobs, while at the same time seeing nearly all of our non-work time being utilized for Candlesmoke workings and products. Rest assured that we’ll keep everyone in the know…just as soon as we know!

We hope you’re all brewing up a storm of goodness this year and, until next time, we wish you all the luck in the world!

-Joseph & Sara Magnuson

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