Candlesmoke Summer Stock Update

Hello, fellow adventurers!

This summer heat is getting to my head already, so I’m going to make this a quick check-in.

We’ve been dodging the Sun God to run to the post office to send out a few rather large orders. We usually make it through the summer with the bottles that we buy in bulk at the beginning of the spring season, but it looks like this time we shall not. Have no fear, bottles are being ordered soon and all of our oils will be fully stocked up shortly.

All of the oils that were recently restocked, advertised, and then sold out immediately will be back in stock as well.

We took a short break for Joseph’s birthday in May and when we came back found we had a handful of readings to do and candle runs to burn. A thank you goes out to everyone for being so understanding. We’re fully back on track and everything is running smoothly. We restocked everything and are full speed ahead. We never in a million years would have guessed that we would (or *could*!) ever run out of candles. The response has been truly overwhelming!

The additional sugar jars we will be making in the future, to join our Sweet Love Sweetening Jar, are almost there, but need a bit more time for the sugars to meld fully with their herbal friends. We have been asked about them a few times and don’t want to make them available until they are of a satisfactory level of strength.

The following oils are still in stock in the Candlesmoke Shop:

  • Banish Evil Oil
  • Crystal Seer Oil (only one left!)
  • Devil’s Shoestring Oil
  • Fiery Wall Oil
  • Gambler’s Luck Oil
  • Ganesh Oil (only one left!)
  • High John the Conqueror Oil (only one left!)
  • Hot Passion Oil
  • House Blessing Oil (only one left!)
  • Lodestone Oil
  • Lucky Dream Oil
  • Personal Cleansing Oil
  • Queen Elizabeth Root Oil
  • Road Opener Oil (only one left!)
  • Santa Muerte Oil (only one left!)
  • Steady Work Oil
  • Stop Gossip Oil (only one left!)
  • Wisdom Of Solomon

We’ve added a few more bottles of Red Brick Dust and a are working on getting more Silver Mercury Dimes back in stock.

We’re going to go light some candles and grind up some Frankincense. Maybe sip on some wine and some beer. We hope your summer is off to one hell of a good start and wish you nothing but the very best!

-Joseph & Sara Magnuson

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