New Products!

Hello wonderful friends!

Here’s a short and sweet post about several new items in the shop. We’re so excited to make these available to you and hope you enjoy!

High Holy Altar Oil

This oil is a highly concentrated blend of Kenyan Frankincense, Somalian Myrrh, and Hungarian Hyssop essential oils. It has been just barely reduced with the slightest touch of Sweet Almond Oil. The initial scent is an overpowering citrus/menthol essence that, with time, gives way to a delicious resin incense bouquet.

We wanted to make a limited edition oil for some of our friends who engage in Christian Witch work, Saint veneration, and works of a Holy nature. These three oils were specifically chosen to radiate the power being channeled during such works.

Saint Joan of Arc Oil

Our Saint Joan of Arc Oil is crafted for veneration work with Saint Joan, as a ritual oil, additive to spell work, or as an offering. Work that best suits calling upon Saint Joan of Arc often concerns female empowerment, overcoming adversity, strength, protection, and courage.

Saint Joan of Arc Mojo Bag, Oil, and Prayer Card

This mojo root bag was made specifically with the intent to call upon Saint Joan of Arc for her aid in gaining strength, protection, and courage to overcome adversity. Carrying the mojo bag with you, or working it on your altar, will help with continual support.

The mojo bag has a Saint Joan medal sewn onto it. Inside the magically-tied bag of goodness sits a whole Angelica Root along with seven other roots, herbs, flowers, and plant resins, specifically chosen to boost the intent of the work. Included in this special package is a half ounce bottle of our Saint Joan of Arc Oil, to dress the bag and any work you are doing along with it, and a laminated prayer card to carry with you or place on your altar with the mojo bag. The mojo bag can be worked and carried just like any other mojo bag you have used.

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