2017 Year-Ahead Readings

It would seem that this year has been hard for everyone in some way or another.

Let’s learn from the events of 2016, whether personal or collective, and move into the new year with hope and encouragement.

Tell 2016 to suck it and welcome 2017 with gusto!

For December and January we are offering several “year ahead” card readings at special prices!
Choose the reading that feels right to you:

  • Three-card Traditional Reading with Joseph via email ($20) – using the traditional Ride-Waite-Smith Tarot deck, Joseph will give you an eye towards the general influences you may encounter in the new year
  • Three-card Nature Reading with Sara via email ($20) – using the Wooden Tarot deck, Sara will advise you in the ways that Nature can assist your path in the new year
  • Twelve-card Animal Spirit reading with Sara via phone ($50) – using the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, Sara will reveal an Animal Messenger for each month of the year and discuss how to work with their influence (note – this reading is not intended to discover your “spirit animal”)


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