A Special Announcement

We’ve been cooking up some big plans for the last few months and are now in a place to tell you all about it!
The biggest piece is that this summer Candlesmoke Chapel will be relocating to Western Massachusetts, specifically the Northampton/Amherst area.
Read on for more details about why we’re moving, what’s coming up for us, and what this means for you – our patrons, clients, and friends.

Heading North

We came to Florida four and a half years ago from San Francisco. At that time, we knew that we would never be able to really settle down in the Bay Area and that we needed a place to regroup and redefine what we wanted for ourselves and our business in the next phase of life. So we came to Gainesville, Florida because that’s where Sara grew up, had family, and some connections. Joseph had never lived in the South and was open to a new experience. Florida gets a bad rap, and often deservedly so, but it’s not all terrible. The City of Gainesville in particular is a very liberal, open-minded, diverse place…for the south. It is a blue dot in a sea of red. There’s also a lot of beautiful Nature here that can’t be found any place else on Earth. Of course, there are other aspects that we don’t love – for instance, the sweltering heat. We also just haven’t been able to find our groove here in Gainesville and 2016 was about realizing that, after living in San Francisco for 10 years, this was just the stopping point we needed to figure out where we really wanted to go next.

Joseph was born and raised in New England and Sara has also spent time there, so Western Mass isn’t a random decision. We have also taken our vacations there for the last several years because we love it so much. New England feels like home to both of us – more so than any other place we’ve been to, separately or together. One thing that San Francisco and Gainesville have in common (and probably the only thing) is that they do not experience four real seasons – spring, summer, fall, winter. In San Francisco it’s always cool and windy and you wear a coat in July. In Gainesville it’s almost always warm and humid and you wear a coat for a few days in January. We’re both looking forward to living in the true cycles of nature! It’s supposed to be hot in the summer and it’s supposed to be cold and snowy in the winter – at least that’s what our bodies, hearts, and minds are telling us we need to do. We are also still striving for a permanent place for the Chapel part of Candlesmoke Chapel and the opportunities to do that are in New England, not Florida.

What This Means For Candlesmoke Chapel

Over the last year we have been asked by many clients if we can do more intense magical work on their behalf, which we love, but we haven’t been able to say yes because of our current situation in this location. Moving to Western Mass will not only allow us to search for a permanent residence, but will also facilitate the growth of our candle services and expand the scope of other offerings to include in-person readings and more in-depth magical workings. Another big piece of this decision is that Sara will be entering interfaith seminary (located in NYC) in the Fall of 2018. Moving closer to NYC so Sara can attend interfaith seminary means that Candlesmoke Chapel will have a real minister! In the coming years we will be able to expand our services even more to include officiating weddings, performing baby blessings, memorial services, and other rite-of-passage events. Sara is also excited that she will be able to provide spiritual counseling for people of all faiths and those who consider themselves “spiritual but not religious.”

What This Means For You – our Patrons, Clients, and Friends

Our timeline is to hit the road at the end of June, looking to move into a place in the Northampton area by July 1. Over the next few weeks we will be restocking oils and other products in the shop. However, as those items sell out we will put restocking on hold as our move date approaches. Candle services and readings may remain but will take a bit longer to be delivered. We expect to suspend the shipping of products around mid-June and will be sure to announce a specific date when we have it. Any wait time on candle services and readings will also be clearly posted. The shop will reopen sometime in August, most likely, to give us a chance to get settled into new jobs, new house, etc.

Thank You

Most of all, we are grateful to all of you for supporting us over the last five years. The decision to make this move has a lot to do with where we want to take Candlesmoke Chapel. We want you to know that our goal is to always provide the purest, truest products and the most genuine, sincere guidance and support we can. Moving to Western Mass will allow us to grow in all of these areas and, most importantly, be of better service to you.

~ Joseph and Sara Magnuson

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