Shop Restocked and Moving News

Hello everyone, Joseph here. Let me tell you, it’s been a tough two months.

I’m sure I’m not the only one suffering with heightened empathetic feels and heavy duty sympathy pains in regards to the state of the world. I found myself needing some time off, any downtime that would allow me to recharge myself and regain an amount of composure I felt would allow me to continue with life in a sane and measured manner.

Thankfully (surprisingly) I have been coming back to my center and have been very happily attacking work with a new zest for getting things done. I went ahead and ordered the yearly essential oil haul for a full restocking of the shop. Even got the full order of bottles done. This means that every oil we have available for sale has been restocked! Check out what’s in the shop here.

We have previously mentioned that we will be packing up our altars and moving north to the wooden land of New England in late June. This is wonderful news for us, however it will mean a temporary time in which our shop will be in hiatus mode. We expect to get everything up and running very shortly after the move, but will need to be completely focused on getting settled before reopening. This will apply to all candle work, as well as card readings that are currently offered and being done. Sara will continue to work with Animalia clients that are in progress, but will put new sign-ups on hold during the move.

We will keep you all updated on moving developments as they happen. None of our success would be possible without your support and we are endlessly thankful for all the goodness that has come our way.

If I have any advice to end with it would be this: no matter how much it feels like you can’t take your eyes off current events for even a second, it is imperative that you tend to yourself. Light a candle, take a walk in the woods, invite friends over for a big dinner, watch a few good films. Anything that can be a soothing balm for even an hour or so can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul.


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