It Feels Good to Be Back

Okay, so I’ve written this blog post a hundred times in my head. I’ve outlined it on paper at least twice. For the last month I’ve started to write it out and then found myself stumped. I realize now that it could really never match the overwhelming feelings in my head that I’d like to convey through the post.

How is it possible to write a quick blog update and truly get across how amazingly happy we are in our new home? Just how much new joy comes our way on a daily basis; from friends, local food and farmland, uplifting animals and plant life, to new feelings of wholeness and magic…it’s all so overwhelming! We have not felt this warm, welcome, whole, and HOME in a very long time.

So…here’s the blog post I do have for you, simple and long overdue:

Sara and I will be starting Candlesmoke back up in the middle of this gorgeous and spooky month of October! We’re still in the process of piecing things back together after the move, but will have a solid foundation to start things back up this month. Our 8th wedding anniversary is this October 17th, so we are aiming for October 21st to be the day that everything gets listed again and services get reintroduced. It may take a few weeks to be back at full capacity in regards to our entire condition oil line, but very shortly we will have everything in stock. I’ve also been continuing to work on recipes in our down time and have a solid 10 to 12 more oils planned for release before the year’s end.

We will be adding listings back to Etsy and including eBay in the mix to offer as many avenues as possible to customers. I guarantee that it will always be cheaper to order direct from our website, but selling our goods through other sites has introduced us to lifelong customers that would have never heard of us if it wasn’t for those platforms. It’ll be a little more work to keep up with everything, but something that we’re willing to put time and energy behind.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us, either to offer well-wishes or to inquire about a special order while we were settling into our new home. It kept us warm and happy to know that you are still thinking of us. For this reason alone I cannot wait to get back to work!

We just celebrated more than 6 years of Candlesmoke, more than 1000 bottles of condition oils sold, and more than 250 candles burned for clients. Here’s to 6 more years…and beyond!

See you all soon,
– Joseph Magnuson

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