With Love and Gratitude

Hello friends! We hope everyone is enjoying the late summer, staying cool, eating well, and getting time to rest or vacation. Our summer has been full of important decision-making and we’re here to share.

To get right to it – after selling 2000 bottles of oil, doing over 200 tarot readings, and more than 500 candle burns, working with clients in all 50 states, over the last 10 years, we will be closing Candlesmoke Chapel.

It’s been a hard choice to make and we’ve spent many months taking some time to assess where we’re at, what continuing entails, where we want to be in the future, and being real about what’s important to us. This summer has also brought some scary medical issues, leading to Joe having surgery last week. He is recovering well and there’s no life-threatening emergency, but it’s definitely put our current path in perspective.

The biggest thing that’s come to light in our reexamination is all the things we like to do and aren’t doing. These are also the same things that made us want to start Candlesmoke Chapel in the first place. So we ask ourselves, why aren’t we doing them? Why aren’t we going for more walks, finding new trails to hike, spending more time in ritual and meditation, gazing into more candle flames, practicing our own magic?

The answer is that we have a finite amount of energy to devote to each of the various parts of life. To make Candlesmoke Chapel a full-time thing would take a level of dedication, to keeping up a constant presence and online visibility, that we just don’t have at this place in our lives. As it is, the space that Candlesmoke currently takes up doesn’t leave room for us to have time for some of the basic things we need to have in our lives. It’s become a juggling act that’s wearing us thin and we’ve chosen what to set down and what to keep.

We are so grateful for, and amazed by, all our customers and folks in our community. We don’t ever want to sacrifice any of our crafting practices or quality, and we see that it’s taking too much time and energy to maintain in a way that meets our standards.

There are, of course, also the unseen difficulties of running an online business – mainly, increased fees on every part of the business; from essential oils to shipping fees. We’re not going to scrimp on our ingredients, and whether we host our own store or use a pre-made platform of selling, the small profit is not worth all the financial, physical, or emotional cost.

For the last month and a half, leading up to surgery, Joe has made more than 400 oils to ensure the biggest stock we’ve ever put out. Be aware – the oils that have been listed today are all the oils we have and we will not be making anymore. There are no more stock oils, and no more bottles.

Today and throughout the week we’ll also be adding more of our personal collection of curios, roots, and other oil/rootwork ingredients. We’re keeping what we actually use for our own personal practice and letting the rest go to those who are called to them.

A couple of months ago, to make items more affordable, we slightly lowered the price of the oils and lowered shipping. Over the years, the only complaints we’ve received have been about the price of priority mail shipping. We’re now using leak/smell proof, high quality bubble mailers to ship first class mail, and shipping for any order over $35 is free.

Stay tuned to social media for updates on the status of the oil stock, and the listing of new curio/rootwork ingredients.

With all our love and gratitude,
Joe and Sara

5 thoughts on “With Love and Gratitude

  1. churningforest says:

    Greetings! First, I am glad that Joe is doing well and hope he continues to do so. While I will definitely be sad to see you folks go, I understand your reasons and wish you both the very best. Many blessings.

  2. Nathan Oididio says:

    So sorry to hear the shop is closing down. Y’all have been my go-to for so many years now and my first recommendation whenever anyone asks for oils. I literally *just* recommended you to some friends this morning and then found this post later! Your oils and other sundry have been there for the birth of my son, the deaths of pets and family members, hurricanes (literally), droughts and the plain old everyday house blessings.
    Joe and Sarah, thank you so much for your years of quality products and friendly service. You will be missed.

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